ProtonMail Contacts – ProtonMail launches world’s first encrypted contacts manager

U.S. charges Iranian state-sponsored hacker over ‘Game of Thrones’ HBO hack

Unbelievable: Uber concealed data breach that exposed 57 Million records in 2016

Lazarus APT uses an Android app to target Samsung users in the South Korea

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Using Unsecured IoT Devices, DDoS Attacks Doubled in the First Half of 2017

BankBot Trojan bypasses again security checks implemented by Google for the Play Store

Windows 8 and newer versions fail to properly implement ASLR

A massive cyber attack hit the Algerian state telecom operator Algerie Telecom

Experts observed a new wave of wp-vcd malware attacks targeting WordPress sites

Global Cyber Alliance launched the Quad9 DNS service to secure your online experience

A bug in the Android MediaProjection service lets hackers to record audio and screen activity on 77% of all devices

The controversial certificate authority StartCom will go out of business on January 1, 2018

According to UIDAI, more than 200 government websites made Aadhaar users’ details public

According to UIDAI, more than 200 government websites made Aadhaar users’ details public

Cash Converters suffered a data breach, users of the old webshop are at risk

De-authentication attack on Amazon Key could let crooks to disable your camera

Security Affairs newsletter Round 137 – News of the week

A second variant of the new Cryptomix Ransomware released in a few days

Happy birthday, Security Affairs celebrates its Anniversary Today

A new EMOTET Trojan variant improves evasion techniques

Terabytes of US military social media surveillance miserably left wide open in AWS S3 buckets

City of Spring Hill in Tennessee still hasn’t recovered from ransomware attack

GitHub warns developers when their projects include vulnerable libraries

Who is behind MuddyWater in the Middle East? Likely a politically-motivated actor

Oracle issues emergency patches for JOLTANDBLEED flaws

Oracle issues emergency patches for JOLTANDBLEED flaws

Kaspersky provided further details on NSA Incident. Other APTs targeted the same PC

20 Million Google Home and Amazon Echo devices are affected by the Blueborne flaws

Terdot Banking Trojan is back and it now implements espionage capabilities