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  1. Dear Webmaster,
    My name is Angelica and I work for Natural-ads advertising department. We are looking for qualified websites to promote a client of poker in Singapore including copywriting if possible. The advertising meant is through a banner or texts ads posts that fit in content, language and form to your website
    Your site seems to me very suitable for this kind of promotion, and I will be happy to get an offer for a 6 months trial period with a possibility of a longer agreement. All payments are made via paypal or moneybookers, 48 hours after the link is online and in advance for the whole agreed period.
    I hope you can be interested in this kind of cooperation and feel free to email me if you have any question or suggestion.
    Looking forward for your prompt response.
    Best Regards,

  2. Hey there,
    We are currently running campaigns for a global brand and they have set aside a large budget for advertising for this coming year and are looking to run campaigns every month. We are launching this with a tremendous campaign and would like you to join our community of related sites in sharing a huge advertising budget over this coming year.
    What we do promise you is distinct online video content from great consumer brands, parallel promotional material to generate more consumer demand and consequently higher levels of traffic.
    It is our mission at Viral Planet, to ensure that our publishers are properly rewarded for their efforts and that our publishers earn the most in the industry.
    It would be an absolute pleasure for you to join our community and work with you to achieve remarkable results as we have with thousands of other publishers. To join our community, click the link below and enter some simple details and let’s get started.
    Got a question? Then contact me on [email protected], or alternatively visit our website for more information.

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