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·      John McAfees Bitfi cryptocurrency wallet was hacked by a security duo
·      Kaspersky warns of a new Loki Bot campaign target corporate mailboxes
·      MagentoCore skimmer already infected 7,339 Magento stores
·      Arjen Kamphuis, the Dutch associate of Julian Assange, went missing in Norway
·      Critical remote code execution flaw patched in Packagist PHP package repository
·      The cyber threat against Danish financial sector is very high
·      TrendMicro links Urpage hacking crew to other threat actors
·      Wireshark fixed three flaws that can crash it via malicious packet trace files
·      Compromising Proxy Call Session Control Function (P-CSCF) using VoLTE
·      Experts warn of 7,500+ MikroTik Routers that are hijacking owners traffic
·      Google paid million dollars to track offline purchases using Mastercard Data
·      Hackers can easily access 3D printers exposed online for sabotage and espionage
·      Parental control spyware app Family Orbit hacked, pictures of hundreds of monitored children were exposed
·      An untold story of a memory corruption bug in Skype
·      CrowdStrike uncovered a new campaign of GOBLIN PANDA APT aimed at Vietnam
·      Group-IB UncoversAPT- attacks on Banks: The Sound of Silence
·      Many misconfigured Tor sites expose the public IP address via SSL certificates
·      British Airways hacked, attackers stole details of 380,000 customers
·      Cisco fixes 32 security vulnerabilities in its products, including three critical flaws
·      International clothing chain C&A in Brazil suffered a data breach
·      MEGA Chrome browser extension hacked, bogus version stole users credentials
·      New OilRig APT campaign leverages a new variant of the OopsIE Trojan
·      Recently uncovered PowerPool Group used recent Windows Zero-Day exploit
·      Flaw in update process for BMCs in Supermicro servers allows to deliver persistent malware or brick the server
·      Police arrested Apophis Squad member responsible for ProtonMail DDoS attack
·      US charges North Korea agent over Sony Pictures hack and WannaCry
·      USB Drives shipped with Schneider Solar Products were infected with malware
·      Apple removed the popular app Adware Doctor because steals user browsing history
·      Privacy-oriented Linux OS Tails 3.9 is out, whats new?
·      Russian citizen behind JPMorgan Chase and Dow Jones attacks has been extradited to US

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