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·      Ecuador to withdraw asylum for Julian Assange in coming weeks or days
·      TA505 gang abusing PDF files embedding SettingContent-ms to distribute FlawedAmmyy RAT
·      CSE Malware ZLab – Chinese APT27 s long-term espionage campaign in Syria is still ongoing
·      Experts believe US Cyber Command it the only entity that can carry out ‘hack backs
·      Experts warn of new campaigns leveraging Mirai and Gafgyt variants
·      The source code of the Exobot Android banking trojan has been leaked online
·      Android Debugging Tools Also Useful for Compromising Devices, Mining Cryptocurrency
·      CVE-2018-5383 Bluetooth flaw allows attackers to monitor and manipulate traffic
·      DHS – Russian APT groups are inside US critical infrastructure
·      Sony addresses remotely exploitable flaws in Sony IPELA E Network Cameras
·      SpectreRSB – new Spectre CPU side-channel attack using the Return Stack Buffer
·      Apache Software Foundation fixes important flaws in Apache Tomcat
·      Hide ‘N Seek botnet also includes exploits for home automation systems
·      Korean Davolink routers are easy exploitable due to poor cyber hygene
·      The Death botnet grows targeting AVTech devices with a 2-years old exploit
·      Experts discovered a Kernel Level Privilege Escalation in Oracle Solaris
·      Kronos Banking Trojan resurrection, new campaigns spotted in the wild
·      ProtonMail launches Address Verification and full PGP support
·      Ransomware attack disrupted some systems of the shipping giant COSCO in the US
·      US-CERT warns of ongoing cyber attacks aimed at ERP applications
·      Dutch brothers sentenced to community service for involvement in CoinVault ransomware distribution
·      Leafminer cyber espionage group targets Middle East
·      NetSpectre is a remote Spectre attack that allows stealing data over the network
·      Parasite HTTP RAT implements a broad range of protections and evasion mechanims
·      Parasite HTTP RAT implements a broad range of protections and evasion mechanisms
·      Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps from the official Play Store
·      Microsoft revealed details of a supply chain attack at unnamed Maker of PDF Editor
·      Russian APT28 espionage group targets democratic Senator Claire McCaskill
·      Twitter removed more than 143,000 apps from the messaging service


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