Just my RANT! People Problems Progress

Here comes the bloody RANT!

It has been awhile since i spent time in front of my laptop looking at this blog. Recent events really had got me to a point where i stopped and re-evaluate all the things i do and intended to do. That never change me as a person who believes that you have to keep failing to find that ultimate success.

I had a great 1 year run until the recent events, toxic enough to be as cancerous to affect all the other things i am working on. Why did it happened, how it happened – were one of the many questions i asked myself.

So it boils down to these -> People = Problems = Progress (Good or Bad ones).


You can meet many wonderful people but most are just those who would annoys you, irritate you, benefit from you, nonetheless go listen to the song from Slipknot – PEOPLE = SHIT, you will get the gist of what i am saying here. And when you meet those people that simply gives you problems either a result of their actions or a result of their goals / motives or provocations, the problem begins.


I always believe problems are never problems if there are no solutions. So what happens when you face a problem without a solution? Ultimately i intend to ignore and continue doing what i love or do best. The problem will usually bury itself deep before you knew it. All the attention to the problem will disappear like frosty mist that leaves behind water for you just to drink and swallow them. Problem solved!

I had a great 1 year run as i mentioned. But comes the problems with people that eventually brings the problems of toxic workplace, toxic friendships that eventually put me to a stop, exhausted.

Toxic Workplace

I have always believe that workplace is like a second home, the people you work with are your second family. You will see them, work with them and interact with them half your life. I am committed to deliverable no matter what the circumstances and consequences. That left me vulnerable to toxic people who are plain scumbags that new they are of no value without the things i could achieve for them. At the end of the day, it is quite a disgusting sight and feel when i see how they celebrated their success (where credits due).

It got more disgusting when they tried the political moves on you, trying to get rid of you or bury you from their mistakes and wrong doings. However i accept that it is part of human nature, especially those without integrity and faith.

Toxic Friendships

I spent a good 8 months exploring Batam Island, Indonesia. Started going there by myself, first friend was the taxi driver, then to the hostel reception, cleaners, security guards. From the bar hops and eating places meets new people from various background. It totally felt like you we born again. I started setting up bitcoin mining rigs, family tour group which i named it SNUTS, a pub crawl group (BatamPubCrawl – BPC) and a road side stall which i took over from a local owner who rented the place, where i first hanged out in batam. On the outside, it looks like i almost got everything figured out, setting foot on foreign land.

Again comes the people who simply have ulterior motives to gain benefits from your existence and progress.  The result, made me to a halt to half the things i was doing.


So today, after sleeping it off for a couple of days, even though i have quit my job, unfriend the toxic bastards and bitches, closed down the stall, stop taking tour orders and rig not at 100% load – I felt relieved. I felt peace and appreciating the serenity. Something i will never want to lose again when i make my next progress, my next endeavor. I am more become determined whatever that seems too ugly stated in the book of “The 48 Laws of Power” has become a necessity to practice and master.

Till my next fucking rant folks, have a pleasant day reading through my posts.

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