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·      Counterfeit Code-Signing certificates even more popular, but still too expensive
·      Czech President wants Russian hacker Yevgeni Nikulin extradited to Russia instead of US
·      Dozen vulnerabilities discovered in Trend Micro Linux-based Email Encryption Gateway
·      Cybersecurity week Round-Up (2018, Week 8)
·      Data Keeper Ransomware – An unusual and complex Ransom-as-a-Service platform
·      Pyeongchang – Russias GRU military intelligence agency hacked Olympics Computers
·      VISA – The adoption of chip-and-PIN card technology lead to 70% Drop in Counterfeit Fraud
·      Changes in Apples iCloud Security Policies and Argument of China
·      Evrial: The Latest Malware That Steals Bitcoins Using the Clipboard
·      Israeli mobile forensics firm Cellebrite can unlock every iPhone device on the market
·      Recently patched CVE-2018-4878 Adobe Flash Player flaw now exploited by cybercriminals
·      With Android P Google Plans To Prevent Cellphone Spying Through Your Camera and Microphone
·      A vulnerability in Facebook exposed email and details of page administrator
·      CSE Malware ZLab – Malware Analysis Report: A new variant of Mobef Ransomware
·      Experts warn Memcached DDoS attacks could be soon a dangerous threat
·      Hundreds of sites based on WordPress, Joomla and CodeIgniter infected by ionCube Malware
·      Talos experts shared details of a remote code execution flaw in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
·      DPA Report: Russia-linked APT28 group hacked Germanys government network
·      Hundreds of Tim Hortons outlets across Canada closed after malware attack
·      RedDrop, a new Android Malware records ambient Audio and exfiltrate users data
·      Victims of the GandCrab ransomware can decrypt their files for free using the decryptor
·      CannibalRAT, a RAT entirely written in Python observed in targeted attacks
·      Equifax confirmed additional 2.4 Million identifies affected by security breach
·      European Commission requests IT firms to remove ‘Terror Content within an hour
·      Github hit by the biggest-ever DDoS attack that peaked 1.35 Tbs
·      A flaw in HP Remote Management hardware Integrated Lights-Out 3 leaves expose servers to DoS
·      Bitcoin-linked heist: thieves stolen 600 powerful computers in Iceland
·      Microsoft released Windows Updates that include Intels Spectre microcode patches
·      Over 40 models of low-cost Android devices shipped with Triada banking Trojan

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