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·      COINHOARDER criminal gang made an estimated $50 million with a Bitcoin phishing campaign
·      Germanys defense minister: Cyber security is going to be the main focus of this decade.
·      JenkinsMiner made $3.4 million in a few months by compromising Jenkins servers
·      90 days have passed, Google discloses unpatched flaw in the Microsoft Edge browser
·      An APFS Filesystem flaw could lead macOS losing data under certain conditions
·      City Union Bank is the last victim of a cyber attack that used SWIFT to transfer funds
·      SIM Hijacking – T-Mobile customers were victims an info disclosure exploit
·      A new multi-stage attack deploys a password stealer without using macros
·      Coldroot RAT cross-platform malware targets MacOS without being detected
·      Cyberattacks cost the United States between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016
·      RubyGems 2.7.6 addresses several flaws and implements some improvements
·      Control Flow Integrity, a fun and innovative Javascript Evasion Technique
·      Intel releases Spectre patches for Skylake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake
·      North Korean APT Group tracked as APT37 broadens its horizons
·      Russia-linked Sofacy APT group shift focus from NATO members to towards the Middle East and Central Asia
·      Google white hackers disclosed critical vulnerabilities in uTorrent clients
·      Hackers compromised a Tesla Internal Servers with a Cryptocurrency miner
·      The Global cost of cybercrime jumped up to $600 Billion
·      Chaos backdoor, a malicious code that returns from the past targets Linux servers
·      Cybersecurity – Tips to Protect Small Business from Cyber Attacks
·      Drupal addressed several vulnerabilities in Drupal 8 and 7
·      Meltdown patch for OpenBSD is available … lets wait for feedbacks
·      OMG botnet, the first Mirai variant that sets up proxy servers on vulnerable devices
·      2,000 Computers at Colorado DOT were infected with the SamSam Ransomware
·      FBI warns of spike in phishing campaigns to gather W-2 information
·      Iran-linked group OilRig used a new Trojan called OopsIE in recent attacks
·      Paypal issue allows disclosure of account balance and recent transactions


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