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·      FSB arrested researchers at the Russian Federation Nuclear Center for using a supercomputer to mine Bitcoins
·      Hackers are exploiting the CVE-2018-0101 CISCO ASA flaw in attacks in the wild
·      Thousands of websites worldwide hijacked by cryptocurrency mining code due Browsealoud plugin hack
·      49% of crypto mining scripts are deployed on pornographic related websites
·      CSE CybSec ZLAB Malware Analysis Report: Dark Caracal and the Pallas malware family
·      Victims of some versions of the Cryakl ransomware can decrypt their files for free
·      Victims of the current version of the Cryakl ransomware can decrypt their files for free
·      A new variant of the dreaded AndroRAT malware appeared in threat landscape
·      Hackers in the Russian underground exploited a Telegram Zero-Day vulnerability to deliver malware
·      Necurs botnet is behind seasonal campaigns of Valentines Day-themed spam
·      New details emerge from Equifax breach, the hack is worse than previously thought
·      Pyeongchang – Olympic Destroyer Unleashed to Embarrass Pyeongchang 2018 Games
·      All You Need to Know About North Korea and its cyber army
·      DoubleDoor, a new IoT Botnet bypasses firewall using two backdoor exploits
·      Microsoft Patch Tuesday for February 2018 addresses 14 critical flaws
·      Windows Analytics now includes Meltdown and Spectre detector
·      Android Security Bulletin – Google fixed several Critical Code Execution vulnerabilities
·      Hackers have exploited a zero-day in Bitmessage client to steal Electrum wallet keys
·      SAP Security Notes – February 2018 addresses tens of flaws including High Risk issues
·      UK Foreign Office Minister blames Russia for NotPetya massive ransomware attack
·      Unknown Threat Actor Conducts OPSEC Targeting Middle East
·      119,000 Scanned IDs of FedEx-owned company Bongo Internationals customers exposed online
·      A new text bomb threatens Apple devices, a single character can crash any apple iPhone, iPad Or Mac
·      DELL EMC addressed two critical flaws in VMAX enterprise storage systems
·      OpenSSL alpha adds TLS 1.3 support in the alpha version of OpenSSL 1.1.1
·      Effective Tips for Internet Safety for Kids You Must Read
·      Prosecutor Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians for a massive operation aimed to influence Presidential election
·      Researchers spotted a new malware in the wild, the Saturn Ransomware
·      Unknown hackers stole $6 million from a Russian bank via SWIFT system last year


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