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·      Following recent mass demonstration, Iran Infy group may attempt to target protesters and their foreign contacts
·      Security Affairs newsletter Round 144 – News of the week
·      Spear phishing attacks already targeting Pyeongchang Olympic Games
·      BlackBerry Mobile Website hacked, crooks installed a Coinhives code to mine Monero
·      Experts found a strain of the Zeus banking Trojan spread through a legitimate developers website
·      Microsoft KB4056892 Meltdown/Spectre patch bricks AMD Athlon-powered machines
·      Trend Micro spotted 36 malicious apps advertised as security tools in Google Play
·      Trend Micro spotted 36 malicious apps advertised as security tools spotted in Google Play
·      US National Security Agency Director Admiral Mike Rogers to Retire
·      Apple released patches to fix Spectre flaws in Safari, macOS, and iOS
·      Dell EMC fixes 3 zero-day vulnerabilities in Data Protection Appliance products
·      Experts spotted Monero cryptominer sending currency to North Korean University
·      Microsoft: Meltdown and Spectre patches could cause noticeable performance slowdowns
·      Wi-Fi Alliance launches WPA2 enhancements and announced WPA3
·      Electrum patches a critical flaw that exposed Bitcoin Wallets to hack since 2016
·      January 2018 Patch Tuesday security updates fix a zero-day vulnerability in MS Office
·      New Malware Dubbed LockPos Introduces New Injection Technique To Avoid Detection
·      Turla APT groups espionage campaigns now employs Adobe Flash Installer and ingenious social engineering
·      VirusTotal presents the visualization tool ‘VirusTotal Graph
·      A security issue in WhatsApp potentially allows attackers to eavesdrop on encrypted Group chats
·      CSE Malware ZLab – Double Process Hollowing -The stealth process injection of the new Ursnif malware
·      Italian researcher discovered that Gmail shutdown after sending a Zalgo text
·      A flaw in macOS High Sierra allows to unlock the App Store Preferences without password
·      Is the INSCOM (U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command) working on a PSYOPS software?
·      Never too late, Skype supports end-to-end encryption for new Private Conversations feature
·      Security issue in Intels Active Management Technology (AMT) allows to gain full remote access to corporate devices
·      Game of Drones – Researchers devised a technique to detect drone surveillance
·      Mobile App Flaws of SCADA ICS Systems Could Allow Hackers To Target Critical Infrastructe
·      New MaMi Malware targets macOS systems and changes DNS settings

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