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·      A new Facebook security feature reveals fraudulent Facebook-like mails
·      Security Affairs newsletter Round 143 – News of the week
·      WeChat is set to become Chinas official electronic ID system
·      Forever 21 confirms Payment Card Breach and provides further info on the incident
·      Hackers can remotely control thousands of Sonos and Bose speakers
·      Iran ‘s Government is reportedly blocking the Internet to calm down protests
·      CSRF Vulnerability in phpMyAdmin allows attackers to perform DROP TABLE with a single click!
·      Expert publicly disclosed a macOS zero-day that allows local privilege escalation
·      Force 47 – The Vietnamese brigade tasked with fighting wrongful views spreading online
·      Former NSA hacker reversed Kaspersky Lab antivirus to compose signatures capable of detecting classified documents
·      Necurs botnet involved in massive ransomware campaigns at the end of 2017
·      Anonymous Italia hacked speed camera database and took over the police systems in Correggio
·      Intel Makes a Mistake in The CPU Design, Windows and Linux Scramble to Fix It
·      Marketing companies have started exploiting a flaw in browsers built-in password managers to track users
·      247,000 DHS current and former federal employees affected by a privacy incident
·      Android Security Bulletin for January 2018, tech giant fixes multiple Critical flaws
·      Meltdown and Spectre attacks affect almost any processor, including Intel, ARM, AMD ones
·      Data breach of the Aadhaar biometric system poses a serious risk for 1 Billion Indian residents
·      Intel releases patches to mitigate Meltdown and Spectre attacks
·      PyCryptoMiner botnet, a new Crypto-Miner Botnet spreads over SSH
·      A new stack-based overflow vulnerability discovered in AMD CPUs
·      Cisco is going to release security patches for Meltdown and Spectre attacks
·      CoffeeMiner – Hacking WiFi networks to mine cryptocurrencies


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