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·      Avira spotted a new strain of the dreaded Locky Ransomware in the wild
·      Google introduces updates in Chrome to prevent unexpected redirects and unwanted content
·      Microsoft president urges a digital Geneva Convention, we agree
·      Security Affairs newsletter Round 136 – News of the week
·      A China-linked cyber espionage group has been using a new strain of malware dubbed Reaver
·      Bug bounty programs and a vulnerability disclosure policy allowed Pentagon fix thousands of flaws
·      DHS – Tests demonstrate Boeing 757 airplanes vulnerable to hacking
·      The Hilton hotel chain is paying a $700,000 settlement for credit card data breaches
·      A Backdoor in OnePlus devices allows root access without unlocking bootloader
·      Adobe Patch Tuesday addresses 80 flaws, 56 bugs in Reader and Acrobat
·      Experts bypass ultra secure Apple iPhone X Face ID with a 3D-Printed mask
·      Freedom of the Net report – Manipulating Social Media, hacking election and much more
·      IcedID, a new sophisticated banking Trojan doesnt borrow code from other banking malware
·      17-Year-Old MS Office flaw CVE-2017-11882 could be exploited to remotely install malware without victim interaction
·      Go to HELL, PowersHELL : Powerdown the PowerShell Attacks
·      US DHS and FBI share reports on FALLCHILL and Volgmer malware used by North Korean Hidden Cobra APT
·      US retailer Forever 21 Warns customers of payment card breach at some locations
·      Cisco issued a security advisory warning of a flaw in Cisco Voice Operating System software
·      Formidable Forms plugin vulnerabilities expose WordPress sites attacks
·      Multi-Stage Android/TrojanDropper.Agent.BKY Malware bypasses Google Play detection once again
·      Terdot Banking Trojan is back and it now implements espionage capabilities
·      20 Million Google Home and Amazon Echo devices are affected by the Blueborne flaws
·      GitHub warns developers when their projects include vulnerable libraries
·      Kaspersky provided further details on NSA Incident. Other APTs targeted the same PC
·      Oracle issues emergency patches for JOLTANDBLEED flaws
·      Who is behind MuddyWater in the Middle East? Likely a politically-motivated actor
·      A new EMOTET Trojan variant improves evasion techniques
·      City of Spring Hill in Tennessee still hasnt recovered from ransomware attack
·      Happy birthday, Security Affairs celebrates its Anniversary Today
·      Terabytes of US military social media surveillance miserably left wide open in AWS S3 buckets

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