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·      60% of institutions in Saudi Arabia hit by malware-based attacks
·      Security Affairs newsletter Round 130 – News of the week
·      Vxers abused legitimate VMware binary to spread Banking Trojan Distribution
·      Who Knows Your (Sex) Secrets? Internet of Sex Toys
·      Dream Market dark web drug dealer OxyMonster arrested on way to beard contest
·      Netgear addressed dozens of vulnerabilities in Routers, Switches and NAS
·      R6DB hacked. Rainbow Six Siege services database wiped and held for ransom
·      UK National Lottery knocked offline by a DDoS attack on Saturday
·      Equifax hack affected 145.5 million individuals, 2.5M more than originally stated
·      Googles Security Research Team Identifies and Fixes 7 Vulnerabilities in Dnsmasq
·      Imperva Report Q2 2017- Over 75% of DDoS targets were hit multiple times
·      Zero-Day flaws in 3 WordPress Plugins being exploited in the wild
·      A new Ethereum ICO was hacked, the victim is Etherparty
·      Intezer researchers link CCleaner hack to Chinese APT17 hackers
·      Which are most frequently blacklisted apps by enterprises?
·      Yahoo hack – All 3 Billion Yahoo accounts were hacked in 2013 attack
·      CSE CybSec ZLAB Malware Analysis Report: APT28 Hospitality malware
·      CVE-2017-12617 Code Execution flaw patched in Apache Tomcat
·      Experts discovered a SYSCON Backdoor using FTP Server as C&C
·      Russian firm provides North Korea with second Internet route
·      Apple file system flaw, macOS shows encrypted drives password in the hint box
·      Russian spies pilfered data from NSA Contractors home PC running a Kaspersky AV
·      Securing smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure
·      Zapad drills – Russia may have tested cyber weapons on Latvia
·      A critical vulnerability affects Siemens smart meters
·      British teenager admits trying to hack CIA Chief and other top US officials
·      Disqus data breach – 2012 incident Exposed details for 17.5 Million users
·      Experts spotted KnockKnock attacks, a new ingenious attack technique on Office 365 System Accounts


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