Why I Host My Own WordPress Blogs (Right in my own bedroom)

My bedroom with 3x Laptop + 1x Desktop running 24/7/365 days


I am used to host my own sites with my self-managed dedicated servers hosted in datacenters like FDCservers and OVH. A year ago however, i decided to host the sites right in my own home / bedroom after considering several factors. I don’t need extreme network speed, extreme distribution or super high-availability – i just wanted to keep my websites online and loading reasonably. A year on, hosting at home as proven to do just the job and in fact saving a lot of money for me. I still get the control and reasonable performance comparing to having a dedicated server.

I use to pay about USD300 in total per month on 2 dedicated servers hosted by FDCservers & OVH. That is about SGD408 after converting currency.

I decided to stop paying the two dedicated servers and bring everything back at my own home, running the extra hardwares that is lying around. All 20 websites, bots and whatever not that is running on those two dedicated servers is now running at home for only a fraction of the price.

Lets do a little math with average cpu power consumption per day

You can do a google searching “average cpu power consumption per day” or “power consumption of computer per hour” for any other location you are from. My calculation is based in Singapore power consumption for average of 24 hours use of laptop and desktop computer per month.

Average power consumption in Singapore for x1 Desktop PC (without monitor turned on) and x1 Laptop per month

So the above figure is the average of x1 Desktop PC and x1 Laptop that i use per month. I am currently running x1 Desktop PC (without monitor turned on) and x3 Laptop (with screen saving mode turn on) which i can safely say the above average calculation can still be applied. Below is the average i am paying per month to run these machines

I would like to make my calculation simple and i will just round up the amount to SGD70 per month for electricity running the machines.

Singaporeans can go to SP Services website to have a look at the “Home Electricity Audit” tool they provided for free. These are estimations and always best to round up. I frame the same site below:

So putting it into total sum and comparison. Putting into consideration that i have 2 fiber broadbands at home and powering at least 2x home router + 1x home switch and usually these devices dont consume much power, probably a little over 10W.

Running 1 desktop + 3x laptop + 6x home network devices (2 fiber internets) = SGD80 for electricity consumption per month.

Total expenses per month comparison of Hosting at Home vs Hosting with Dedicated Servers from Providers:

Hosting At Home

Laptop + Desktop + Devices = SGD80
Home Fiber Internets x 2 = SGD120 (1Gbps Singtel estimated SGD60 + 1Gbps Starhub estimated SGD60)

Total = SGD200 / month

Hosting with Dedicated Servers (OVH + FDCservers)

Dedicated Servers x2 = SGD408
Home Fiber Internets x 2 = SGD120 (1Gbps Singtel estimated SGD60 + 1Gbps Starhub estimated SGD60)

Total = SGD528 / month

Total savings = SGD328 / month (SGD528 – SGD200)

Why go through all the troubles setting up the servers and calculating the comparisons?

I run about 20 websites, serving an average 2000 to 5000 visitors per day combined. Sure you might argue that going Godaddy.com has USD1.50/month offers. Often times these hosting companies have fine prints when they promote UNLIMITED packages. Once you hit the amount of visitors and/or heavy usage of your WordPress sites, they will start charging you more. I wanted to save myself from those troubles.

Plus, i prefer to have more control. Being technically savvy, i do not want to be bounded to doing certain things. Like choosing a mixed of PHP versions, how much memory per site can use, limit uploads, tweaking parameters, running scrapers and bots. Shared hosting like Godaddy or any shared hosting like Bluehost do not make sense to me at all.

Talking about technical – you can host with free opensource tools and setup! With the commercial capabilities you get on paid services / tools. Just know how!

No Cpanel hosting at home then use Virtualmin GPL

Some of my friends would argue that you don’t get to use Cpanel hosting at home with dynamic IP, etc. Why CPanel and not Virtualmin?! Both with same capabilities and ease of use.

No Dedicated IP hosting at home then work it around!

Some would argue that you don’t have a dedicated IP at home since most home fiber only comes with dynamic IP. There a few ways going about this. Since i am not diving into technical details in this article – the basic of doing that is to use free dynamic ip updater service, with a free hostname then use that hostname into your DNS entry with Cloudflare free CDN service.

If you dive deeper, you can also set it up with Hurricane Electric’s free IPV6


Concern about security exposing home devices? Then GO OFFLINE! (joking)

I will not deny that hosting at home, i do get a lot of malicious IP scanning through. DDOS attempts of various sort and constant brute-force. But all this is part of the learning curves. My home setup is with basic iptables using CSF plugin in Virtualmin, modsec WAF and WordPress WAF that is available for free. These tools provide deep insights if you bother to go through the logs. You will be more aware of security than ever than being ignorant by just trusting security providers and not understand the things they can or cannot do.

In fact i am more confident in the security of my own home network now than before because i have these tools in place. I personally experience various forms of website / network attacks (including stealthy remote exploits) and it has taught me a few things along the way.

Downtime and monitoring?

Use free services from Monitis.com or Pingdom.com which provide quite extensive free set of tools.

Fire and safety hazards?!

I get this question sometimes. Look, do you switch of your refrigerator from time to time or do you switch off your water heater from time to time? Some of the home appliances runs 24/7 so i personally think this worry is full of BS. Unless you switch off refrigerator at home, then this question is simply invalid.

Just to note, i do however always keep in mind not to overclock my machines. Run it at its default settings. No fancy desktop PC with fancy cooling mechanisms.

“So you saved money running the websites at home but then why 20 websites again? What exactly do you do with it?”

Another typical question i get. Why do you do certain things is sometimes subjective and personal hobbies. Cripperz.SG has been registered domain for over 8 years. So does Cripperz.Net and other domains that i owned. I use to blog regularly as hobby. Then the blogging became a way that i keep my knowledge base online with my tech adventures both things i do at work and off work.

Aside from the regular blogging, i run bots and other tools that i explore from time to time out of personal interest. Overtime these hobbies and interest combined garnered regular visitors to my sites.


A glimpse of blog.cripperz.sg stats
A glimpse of another syndication blog i am running

Those are real Google Analytics stats with real readers / visitors that spent over 2 minute on average on my sites.

I do get request for advertorial write ups and similar projects on my sites. That’s $$ in return for me.

Having such stats, people will notice your site. There are request for advertorial write up (i am picky at accepting them anyways). There are other form of projects that i receive as well such as auto syndication blogs to generate organic social media likes etc.

Each project / advertorial request is ranging from SGD100 to SGD1000. Recent ones that i am doing is for BeingMum.Com that is potential renewable project that has paid me SGD800 so far. Now that alone already paid 4 months of my electricity + internet bills.

On less busy days, i work on other side projects that will utilize my home based hosting.

My mini experiment on auto blogging and auto trading below (when i say auto literally means it is one time setup and i just leave it to run doing things repetitively with scripts / bots):


Aside from all that, i do earn from Ad-networks though the sum is not significant, it does not hurt to run them anyways.

Well some opinions and views can be subjective but the above write up is just to share what i have been running since i switch from a dedicated hosting. Something that made sense to me and my use cases might not fit or make sense to others.

Feel free to contact me or comment if you have questions. I also do offer one time charges to setup similar home base hosting setup that i just written about. Just hit the contact me page.

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