The Ultimate List Of Whats Halal in Bazaar Ramadan at Geylang Serai – Local bloggers initiatives

Kudos to the team of local bloggers at and The Halal Food Blog for coming up with the ultimate list. Recent online spat on the “Non Halal Dendeng” issue that help triggered MUIS to launch an investigation – this ultimate list comes handy.


Reason: We expect stalls to be writing to us to clarify on their halal status, so this list will be updated from time to time.

Why are some of the stalls are left out from this list? Mainly because the conversation went like this:-

Me: ABANG, kita nak tulis article untuk tempat halal di sini. Kedai abang halal tak? (We want to write an article about halal places here. Is your stall halal?) 
Guy: Halal!
Me: Kedai ni abang punye ke? (Is this your shop?) 
Guy: Tak.(No) 
Me: Oh tak eh. ok. Boss mana? Orang muslim ke?(Oh, it is not yours. Who’s the boss? Is he muslim?) 
Guy: Oh tak. Boss Cina. (Oh. no, my boss is Chinese (non-muslim implied)) 
Me: Jadi macam mana abang tahu makanan ni halal eh? 
(So how you know the food you sell is halal?) 

Guy: Boss cakap. (My boss said so)
Me: Abang tahu check tak? (Do you know how to check?) 
Guy: Tak. (No.) 
Me: Ok. So. Abang boleh sign kan cakap kedai ni halal? (Ok, so do you think you can sign on my paper to say that this shop is halal?) 
Guy: Abang tak boleh subahat dek. Takpe lah. Tak nak sign.
(I can’t sign your paper. I don’t want to be complicit to this. Nevermind. Don’t include us in this article) *proceeds to ask the muslim lady next to me if she wants to buy food*
– awkward silence –

Also, not to mention that there are stalls with tudung-clad ladies who were selling food. They didn’t look local, so I talked to them in English, and then switched to Malay, and then switched to Chinese to ask if the food was halal. They understood my question, but then proceeded to look at each other, and eventually decided not to answer me. That and also, some of the stalls were not in operation yet and we couldn’t find the staff to talk to.

Disclaimer: We ignored stalls that have a low halal risk for example, your fresh sugar cane juice or canned beverage stalls.

So here goes:

** Update 2017-05-29 3:06AM **

From author:

Thank you! Here’s our note to our readers:- We have decided to remove the list of stalls which do not meet our halal classification as described in this article as there have been some irresponsible sharing of this information on Whatsapp and Facebook Groups. Our list and our words have been mutilated and spread around. We do not condone irresponsible sharing of information without the accompanying knowledge that enriches the reader. Should you find a stall that is not included in the above verified list, it is because they have halal risk factors as we have discussed above. So, please verify with the stall yourselves before deciding to purchase from them. Halal is everyone’s personal responsibility.

Upated 28th May. This list will be updated from time to time.

If you are a stall owner and would like to clarify your halal status with us, or find the above lists inaccurate, please email us at [email protected], and we will respond as soon as possible. We will not be replying texts and WhatsApp messages for this matter.

Joo Chiat / Onan Road Area

The botak BBQ and grill kebabs (Stall 12 Muslim Owned)
Kebab Souq (Muslim Owned)
Matin’s Special Benjo (Stall 7 Muslim Owned)
Kathira Shiok by Makan shiok (Muslim Owned)
Softnade galaxy milkshake Thai Mango soft (Stall 9 Muslim Owned)
Mr Teh Tarik Kathira and Ayam Percik (Source: Their own halal certified shop)

Darul Arqam Area

Meat my meat (Stall 63 Muslim Owned)
Famous Vadai (Stall 137 Muslim Owned)
O Braim (Muslim Owned)
Katoshka (Stall 74 Muslim Owned)
WORD fast food rainbow bagel (Stall 50 Muslim Owned)
Kalye Manila + Kentang Korner (Stall 19 Muslim Owned)
UYI (Source: Their own halal certified shop)
Istanblue (Stall 38 Muslim Owned)
Kambing Golek (Stall 43 Muslim Owned)
Apam Balik Power (Muslim Owned)
Dendeng duo (Muslim Owned)
Turkish Kebab House (Stall 44 Muslim Owned)

Haig Road Area

Kebab Souq (Stall 136 Muslim Owned)
Cafe Patani (Stall 141 Muslim Owned)

Tanjong Katong Area

King Kentang (Stall 310 Muslim Owned)
Mr Tiga Layer
DNS specialist (Stall 314 Muslim Owned)
Fritters Alchemy tacos gorpis (Stall 303 Muslim Owned)
Nasi Bukhari (Burrock) (Stall 306 Muslim Owned)
Authentic Turkish Kebab (Stall 308 Muslim Owned)
Club FJR iced Jeruk (Muslim Owned)
Belgaufra (Stall 313 Muslim Owned)
Ramly Burger (Stall 304 Muslim Owned)

Engku Aman (Sim’s Drive Side)

Halal Boys (Stall 228 Muslim Owned)
Istanbul Turkish Kebab and Grill (Muslim Owned)
Macarons SG (Source: Their own halal certified shop)
Mak Sity’s Kitchen chili beef sloppy Joe (Stall 189 Muslim Owned)
Serve It Up (Stall 191 Muslim Owned)
Warna Warni Kueh Raya (Muslim Owned)
Simply Lamb (Stall 212 Muslim Owned)
Bakers Lab ( (Stall 181 (Source: Their own halal certified shop)
Hangover Drinks (Stall 210 Muslim Owned)

Engku Aman (Haig Road)

Kathira Shiok (Muslim Owned)
Apam Balik Power (Muslim Owned)
Meat my meat (Stall 51 Muslim Owned)
Poffertjes by Cake Love (Muslim Owned)
Coco2go by yangoriginal (The Famous Melaka) (Stall 53 Muslim Owned)
Pisangkeju putupiring (Stall 54 Muslim Owned)
Aledya Slushies (Stall 55 Muslim Owned)
Tasconis (Muslim Owned)
BOOM Briyani (Stall 59 Muslim Owned)
Broti (Stall 38 Muslim Owned)
Zapalang (Stall 51 Muslim Owned)
Word (Stall 8 Muslim Owned)
Ice Burns (Stall 13 Muslim Owned)
Potion Labz (Stall 51 Muslim Owned)
Roti Boyan by Mas Creation (Stall 38 Muslim Owned)
Lamb and Cucur Station (Stall 62 Muslim Owned)
On-stick Grills scallops Yakitori (Muslim Owned)
Briyani Point (Muslim Owned)
Togok by ZB (Stall 64 Muslim Owned)
Terang Bulan Murtabak Manistee Gorpis (Muslim Owned)
Pisang Melokek Adam Road (Stall 66 Muslim Owned)
Koh Nangkam (Stall 109 Muslim Owned)
Ramly and Goreng. Goreng (Muslim Owned)
Kaw Kaw (Stall 90 Muslim Owned & Sourced from their own halal certified shop)
Istanbul Express (Muslim Owned)
El T Ra flying noodles (Stall 43 Muslim Owned)
Dendeng duo (Muslim Owned)
Shelburnz (Stall 13 Muslim Owned)
Mr kebab (Muslim Owned)
Yummers Colossal Churros (Stall 20 Muslim Owned)
OL Blend ?? (Muslim Owned)
Over the Rainbow SG (Stall 61 Muslim Owned)
Mr Vadai (Stall 42 Muslim Owned)
Smoolot by NOE pengat Sticky Rice dessert (Muslim Owned)

The Rest

The list above is an exhaustive list.

The list below, however, is non-exhaustive. Listed below are stalls which are not Muslim-Owned and not Halal Certified or meet halal risks as described above. I also want to add a note of caution for stallls with no name, as these stalls are often not held accountable for the halal status of the food that they sell. We caution our muslim brothers and sisters before the purchasing food, as some of these stalls which do not meet our halal classificiation have been featured in other halal (and travel) publications we know locally.

Loco Loco | The Raclette Factory | Alley SG | Mr Q | Tulou tofu fries chicken Wings n Drinks | Regals Signature delight | Wal Rainbow Tamago | Thai Cha Chak Thai Milk Tea | Bangkok Cafe Thai Custard Toasted Burns | Fried Chicken King | Milk Bites | Power Chicken | Mr Stingray Hotplates BBQ | Lost Unicorn Tears | Takoyaki Twister Potatoes & Sharks Fin | Cake Pop Korean Chicken | Cheese Bomber Oyster | Viet Chendol | Kala Thai | Happy Rollies | Cheese Bomber Oyster | Alley | Oyster Gangster | Infood SG | Kerri’s Poke Bowls | the Icy Paradise | JC Creative Food Durian Bombs | Fairy Floss | Azalea Thai Sweet Treats | Stop & Go | WaanCha Thai Milk Tea | Take a bite twister Potatoes | Hao Rian Popcorn Chicken | Tsingho | Mama Coconue | Sweet Freez

So now you know.

So now that you know, you can make your own decisions on whether or not you would like to purchase from any of the stalls in the bazaar. If the stalls don’t meet our halal classification, but you are fine with it, go ahead and purchase with a clear conscience. We understand that halal tolerance varies from one Muslim to another so no one’s judging!

Be safe, stay safe, and make wise choices about the food you consume, okay? Selamat berpuasa!

PS. is a local startup run by a local group of Muslims. If you see the need for halal verification services within our community, just like we have done here for the Ramadhan Bazaar, we would like to ask for your help to ensure that we continue to exist. You can support us by purchase the only discount and rewards card in Singapore which is exclusive for Halal Consumers a.k.a the FRIENDS Card and use it at our many halal food establishments listed with us. You can also support us by asking your local halal food eatery and caterer to list with us. Follow us on Instagram @halalfoodhunt, and like our Facebook Page (


Some extracts are directly taken from the source as reference for the list. At this point of writing it appears that was down multiple times. I encourage you to like their Facebook Page for any inquiries.




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