Amazing Internet Facts and Statistic 2016-2017 [ Infographic ]

We’re living in an age of technology and information, where the Internet exerts powerful influence over our work, our personal lives – and for that matter, the entire world.

The Internet has extensive reach, far beyond that of any other modern mode of communication. More than 3.26 billion people have used the Internet for various purposes as of December 2015 – that’s over 40% of the global population.

In short, the Internet is the current global melting pot, where different types of people and ideas come together every single day. It affects social behavior, shapes political perceptions, changes lives, determines success and failure, and propels the global economy forward. Directly or indirectly, it’s responsible for trillions of dollars in annual global revenue.

And if the current trends are anything to go by, its popularity is only slated to grow more with each passing year.

With the Internet being such a huge force to reckon with, a sound knowledge of how it works and contributes to the world economy is essential if you want to keep yourself aligned with the changing trends, make informed decisions, and use the medium to its full potential.

As the year draws to a close, here are some top Internet and eCommerce statistics and facts that can change the way you think and work. For example, did you know that Asia, with more than 48% of global Internet users, accounts for the most Internet users as a continent? Or that Bermuda, at 97.75%, has the highest Internet penetration in the world?

Hosting Facts has come up with an infographic with a range of interesting facts about internet.

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