Mystery man knocking on doors in Yishun asking families for their children

yishun mystery malay man


yishun mystery malay man


According to these viral posts, it appears that a Malay man has been going around Yishun, knocking hard on doors of Muslim families to ask if there are any children in the house.

The first such incident was reported on Nov 3 in Yishun. The Malay man had knocked on the unit of a Muslim family, and greeted the lady through the windows. After the lady returned his greeting, he immediately asked if there were any babies in the house. The lady said no and asked why. The man fled. The lady was shocked and frightened by the man’s question. Her children were in the next room so he could not see them. While she was not sure of the man’s motive, she was convinced that he had followed her and her children from the food court. He appeared at her window right after she got home and locked the door.

The second incident occurred in Woodlands. This time, the Malay man had knocked hard on the unit of a Muslim family. The husband of the lady who posted this account opened the door. The Malay man claimed that he was thirsty and asked for a glass of water. The lady replied that they had ran out of drinks and the man could get water from the 7-11 opposite the house. The Malay man then said, “It’s okay. Do you have any children?” By then, the lady had freaked out as she recalled reading online that a man was going around, asking the same question. She was about to push the door closed, the man push the door open and say something nasty to the family. Thankfully, the lady managed to shut the door and lock it.

Both families have made a police report. According to the second lady, the suspect is a Malay male in his late 20s or early 30s. He was carrying a sling bag.

A mysterious man has been knocking on doors in Yishun estate asking families for their children.

News of this strange incident started to spread on Nov 3. when Facebook user Farah Ridhwan posted the following:

In case you can’t see it, here’s a screen shot:

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This is a translation of what she wrote:

This happened to me at my place around 1pm Yishun.

All of a sudden, there was a Malay man who greeted us as he looked through the window. Fortunately I was wearing my hijab. I returned his salam. The best part was he asked me, “Are there any babies in this house?”.

I replied “no” and asked him why he was asking. He fled.

I immediately locked my gate and door. Luckily the children were in the room so he was unable to see them. I don’t know what his motive was but I’m certain that he followed me and my children from the food court. Exactly at the point when I reached home and brought my stuff in and locked the door, he appeared at the window. My heart was beating very fast because of him.

Oh Allah I was so afraid at the time. So mothers, please be extra careful. I have to lodge a report so that I can check the cctv near my house area.

Having one incident like this is probably freaky but maybe there is a plausible explanation.

But then another Facebook user encountered what seemed like the same person. This time the mystery man attempted to trick the family by asking for water first.

This is another post recounting the incident:

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Here is the translation:

I just called 999. Someone at my door. Knocking very hard.

Hubby open and he gave Salam.

He told my hubby, “I’m thirsty, can I have a glass of water?”

I hurried from my sofa and told the man, “We’re sorry but we don’t have any more drinks. There’s a 7-Eleven opposite of here. It’s late and my husband is not feeling well.”

He answered, “It’s okay, do you have children?” Then I remembered and came across someone posting about the similar incident.

I was about to push the door closed, he push our door back and say something nasty to us.

Thank God I managed to closed the door fast and locked from inside.

I still can feel he’s still outside. That’s why I called the police.

Oh God, I know he’s using some spell cos hubby look so blur while he’s asking for a glass of water!

Lucky I was quick..

Both posts have so far been shared widely on Facebook and Twitter, with one tweet receiving 15,934 retweets after it posted screenshots of both accounts on Nov. 5. (But it appears the tweet has been deleted or privatised.)

Farah has since made a police report, and Aida has posted about the suspicious man’s details:

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Both incidents have raised eyebrows as some people question the authenticity of the incidents:

Eh serious ah in Yishun got this creepy guy asking if you have kids in the house. Kenapa semua benda syaiton nirojim terjadi kat Yishun ni?


Eh serious ah in Yishun got this creepy guy asking if you have kids in the house. Why are these kind of Satanic things happening in Yishun?




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