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There is a lot of CFDs / Forex brokers out there but not many of them offers generous partnership / affiliate / referral program like FXopen does. FXopen has been around for over 10 years, consistent reviews and have good ratings. So get the coffee rewards from the friends you brought to FXopen. I have introduced quite a fair bit and so far they are happy with FXopen. Sign up here!

Every referral / affiliate account needs to also be a “verified status”. You can find out the step by step of how to get verified and receive your free USD20 no deposit joining bonus here.


FXopen Forex Affiliate / Referral / Partnership Affiliate Programs

Suppose you brought in three clients via your referral link (Level 1 or direct referrals). One of the three also referred three clients (your 2nd level referrals or “downline”) and one of the latter three attracted three more (your 3rd level referrals or “downline”). In this case you become a Level 3 Agent for the three clients attracted last. See the figure below.

You will receive additional commission from each trader attracted by your clients. The commission is distributed the way shown in the figure below.

  • Level 1 Agent receives full commission for the trade performed by the Client, i.e. 100%.
  • Level 2 Agent receives 25% of the full commission for the same trade.
  • Level 3 Agent receives 10% of the full commission for the trade.

Examle 1

If the Client closes a trade, Level 1 Agent receives full (100%) commission, Level 2 Agent gets 25% of the full commission, and Level 3 Agent gets 10%.

Examle 2

If the Level 1 Agent closes a position, Level 2 Agent receives full (100%) commission and Level 3 Agent gets 25% of the commission.

Thus if your clients attract traders via their referral link, you will take an advantage of gaining additional commission from trades performed by their clients.

Share this affiliate program with your friends. Get rewarded for bringing reputable CFD broker to them – WIN WIN! Take note that all FXopen affiliate programs account require verification process similar to the guide i provided here.



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