Optimizing WordPress Speed & Performance

optimizing wordpress speed

Optimizing WordPress Speed & Performance

Here is my quick tip to optimize your wordpress speed and performance on any linux virtual (VPS) / dedicated servers. I also used several SEO checkers and page loading checkers. One of them is SEO page speed checker.

I will break it down to two parts. First are the WordPress plugins to optimize your site, that you must have. Second are the server tweaks you needed to do to improve the speed of your wordpress site.

Optimizing WordPress Summary:

These are the plugins that i personally tested. You can try other similar plugins if you have your own preference.Optimizing the WordPress, I basically made use of what is being recommended. Additional stuff i used was to enable CDN caching using Cloudflare CDN and to also use the optimized features in respective plugins after the server tweaking. –

  1. W3 Total Cache (Install Cloudflare Extension)
  2. Remove Query Strings
  3. Add Meta Tags
  4. Yoast SEO

Below are optional plugins that you might consider or test having it on your site –

  1. Use jQuery jsDelivr
  2. WP Super Minify
  3. WP Performance Score Booster
  4. Jetpack (Photon Module)
  6. Clean Up Booster
  7. Compress Images TinyPNG
  8. WP Super Speed

Now with that all install and configured as suggested by respective plugin authors. We now move on to tweaking our server settings to optimize loading speed and take advantage of local and cdn caching.

WordPress Speed Optimization Summary:

A little description of my server environment. I am using lower end of Cheap VPS Server which cost only USD10 per month. I am also using open-source control panel, Virtualmin download gpl with mainly its default setup in Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS. Below are the additional packages that you need to install after Virtualmin setup.

apt-get install php5-dev autoconf2.13 autoconf-archive gnu-standards autoconf-doc dh-make apparmor-easyprof gettext-doc libtool-doc automake1.9 gfortran gfortran-multilib gfortran-doc gfortran-4.8-multilib gfortran-4.8-doc libgfortran3-dbg gcj-jdk libmail-box-perl python3-setuptools
apt-get install php-apc php5-fpm php5-gd php5-tidy curl php5-curl yui-compressor php5-mcrypt
a2enmod expires
a2enmod headers

If you prefer to use official Oracle Java Install Ubuntu Linux first before install using the commands above. Basically we are install apache_mod modules. The packages install are self-explanatory. You can Google the packages to understand what it does. These packages are required to enable the plugins optimization and to also improve speed in delivering your WordPress pages. It also enables you to leverage on several caching features that in W3 Total Cache.

If you have any suggestions or feedbacks, do comment below!



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