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Taxi companies can track their drives base on a few information that is logged on their system I did not know this, maybe some others might not too. I accidentally left behind my laptop / notebook in a cab today and thanks to incompetent customer service agent on the line, i lost it forever.

Now i know that all pickup / destination timing and location is logged along with the amount of fares. If you realize that you have left something behind in the cab, always try to recall exact time that you alight from the cab and always remember the last amount paid. They should be able to track and call the taxi driver up immediately and request to STAY ON THE LINE while the agent do her search.

So what happened was with Trans-Cab. I called up Trans-Cab hotline for lost and found 5 minutes after i alight the cab realizing that i didn’t have my second laptop that i was carrying in a carrier (not a bag).

My phone conversation with the Customer Service (CS) at 7.45pm today:

CS: Hello, trans cab customer service hotline, how can i help you?
Me: Hi, i have just alighted from a cab and realize i left my laptop behind in a carrying case, i am sitting behind the driver’s seat.
CS: Do you know whats the cab license plate number? Where did you board the cab, what was your last fare you paid?
Me: No i don’t know. I boarded the cab at lentor road turning towards yio chu kang road. The fare was 14.50 or 15.50 i think (because i usually did not take balance coins from taxi fares – giving driver kopi money).
CS: Where did you alight and what time did you board and alight from the cab?
Me: I board around 7.20pm to 7.30pm i think, i am not sure. But i can confirm i just alight 5 minutes ago, its at 7.40pm at Woodlands Ring Road, opposite the Woodlands Ring Secondary School.
CS: Whats your name and contact number?
Me: Hasbullah, 90xxxxxx ~
CS: Okay i will call you if we receive any information about your item.
Me: Okay thank you.

So about 2 hours gone, i called back again, this time i just confirmed the amount with her, 9.50pm:

CS: Hello, trans cab customer service hotline, how can i help you?
Me: Hi, i called in just now with regards to my laptop that i left behind in a cab. Can i give you my contact number so that you can search your logs?
CS: Yes, erm hang on, gimme a minute………….. okay what is your contact number
Me:  90xxxxxx ~
CS: oh yes the laptop ……..
Me: yes i would like to confirm that my fare was 15.50 instead of 14.50.
CS: Oh okay, now you can confirm your fare? You sure it is 15.50?
Me: Yes very sure because i just check my change.
CS: Okay, but in the system i could not trace any amount 14.50 or 15.50 alighting that Woodlands Ring Rd area.
Me: Really? Coz now i just check with my friend, that you can track base on the exact amount.
CS: Yeah really don’t have leh, i cant see anything on the system, i am not sure what is going on….
Me: Oh okay then …
CS: Yeah …
Me: okay then i guess there is nothing much i can do
CS: Yes, if i receive any information, will call you.
Me: Okay thank you.

Shortly after the last call at 9:50pm, she called back at about 10:00PM:

CS: Hi, this is trans cab
Me: Oh hi.
CS: Yes we spoken just now. Just to confirm, you onboard with another friend? So two malay guys?
Me: yes yes thats us. I dropped off my friend earlier and i was the last one to alight at Woodlands Ring Road.
At this point i overheard as if she is talking to the driver. She was speaking a lil mandarin i guess.
CS: He say he did not see any laptop in his taxi.
Me: Erm yeah because it is on his back seat on the floor of the cab ~
CS: Erm he say don’t have lei. He also just send a customer to airport.
Me: Well yeah i guess it will be gone by now since he might have taken a few passenger since 2 hours have pass.
CS: Erm yeah lor.
Me: Its okay, now really cant do anything. But thanks anyways.
CS: Okay.
Me: Bye

Moral of the story?

She could have been a little bit more helpful by going through her logs properly. If she had detected the amount 14.50 or 15.50 earlier at 7.45pm, i could have gotten back my laptop because the driver isn’t too far off the street and the street was pretty quiet when i alighted. So next time, if you have an accurate information, request to stay on the line and get the customer service to contact the driver.

I should really blame myself for being careless especially when i am rushing, however i felt that the customer service was quiet poor in handling it. She should understand that her job is handling panicking people who just lost their belonging. People might not get information accurate at that spur moment when they call. I guess Trans-Cab did not train their staff properly to handle such job.

Always remember to request and stay on the line if you have an accurate information they need to check their logs because it does reflect in their system who is the driver and their contact information – time / location of board & alight, amount of fare paid. I didn’t know this, now i do. Do share with your friends just in case they didnt know 😛

To me, oh well, enjoy the laptop to whoever found it. Take it as a gift, stranger :).

cheers !


*** Update 23 November 2015 ***

I received a good news, the taxi driver, Steven, texted me 3:50AM in the morning to tell me that he found the laptop. I am wondering what took him so long to realize or simply the Linux boot screen scare him off – LOL. Anyways, it is nevertheless a good news.

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