FXOpen Free Join Bonus No Deposit – Review / How To

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FXOpen Free Join Bonus No Deposit – How To

I have surveyed plenty of brokers and i have sticked around with FXopen for sometime due to the fact that they have wide choices of online payment methods – beyond any other brokers out there. Their minimum deposit is also relatively small – USD1!. FXopen is offering USD20 free no deposit on any new account but you have to know how to get about it. Below is a quick step by step for you to get your bonuses. Remember, sign up through the links that is posted here.

Free No Deposit Join bonuses are basically virtual credit that is given to your account for you to start trading with the credit given – risk free. If you lose it, you lose it. If you win the trades, you will get to draw the winning trades after the minimum sum/lot requirement is met. I will be making more FXopen review in the near future.

What to prepare?

Ensure that you have a government issued photo ID (front and back), a utility / mobile bill that indicates your name and same address as per your photo ID (it is okay not to have this as long as you verify your phone number as indicated in step 3). Also a mobile number to receive a one time password to activate during the verification process. If you don’t have any of this, then forget about proceeding forward.

Step 1

Go to this link (click here), sign up using your email. Fill up all the required details. Make sure address are valid, same as your photo ID. Fake details will result you being ban. You’ve been warned.



Step 2

Login to your newly created account from step 1. Click on “not verified” as what is shown below.

step 2.1 not verified

After clicking that “not verified”. You should be brought to the page as shown below. Now upload your government issued photo ID and also a utility / mobile bill (to proof your address is valid). Upload file by file by selecting the type of document you uploading and click “upload” then move on to the next file that you need to upload.

step 2.2 not verified

Step 3

Now that you uploaded your documents. You need to update your mobile number with them. This mobile number can be a different mobile number from the document you uploaded. Does not matter, as long as you can receive the one time password that they will be sending when you submit later. To do this, look at the image shown below. Basically its “Settings -> SMS Notification”

step 3.1 sms number


Once you are at “SMS Notification”, insert your mobile number. It starts with country code without the “+” sign. Say your mobile number is a Singapore number and the number is 98989898, then it will be 6598989898. You will receive your notification almost instantly. Just place the code they given into the page and you are done. Now move on to the last step. Opening your trading account.

Step 4

This last step should only be done when FXopen successfully get your account status to “verified” as shown below. If you have not get verified within 24 hours, try opening a ticket or go through their live support and have a chat with FXopen. Once they do, open this link and get an STP account plus the first USD10 bonus. Then next open this link to get your USD10 crypto bonus. Both of these bonuses can be transferred between your STP / Crypto.

step 4.1 verified

Enjoy your free no deposit bonus !

That’s it. You can start introducing your friends using this how-to but with your own referral links in your account. Just follow step 2 onwards. To know what is your referral link, go to “Partnership -> Referral Link” .

Take note, referral links only works when you are a verified. You will only earn from your referred member’s winning trades. NOT FROM THEIR DEPOSITS. So do not go around and start scamming people by saying that they will earn big amounts through CFD /  Forex. Always emphasize them the risk and the potential to lose any deposit they make into their account. Good luck!

I will share more resources meanwhile if you want to get some tips on trading, you can head down to this chatroom and hang around until someone gets there, usually there will be.

Last but not least, i would recommend you having a Skrill account by signing up here (Click Here). Skrill has Mastercard debit card which tags to your Skrill account to pay or withdraw money worldwide, 2.1 million ATMs and counting. So go get one!

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