Is Plus500 a scam? Review and Complaints – Finally getting my account verified

Is Plus500 CFD a scam? Here is a genuine from real life experience complaint and review


Is Plus500 CFD a scam? Here is a genuine from real life experience complaint and review. I had a tough time getting my account verified at Plus500 with them keep denying my valid national id card where i never had problems verifying myself with other CFDs. For now, i should recommend that people to stay away from Plus500. As you may have read, Plus500 hits the headline when UK regulators probed the Israel based company for possible money laundering activities. This resulted the company shares to tumbled and resulted trading suspension on UK stock exchange while investigation was being carried out. Weeks later, PlayTech (an online betting company) made a purchase to take over Plus500 business.

Well good news is, as of today, they finally verified my account which supposingly to allow me withdraw my profits from the winning trades. I have managed to make use of their USD30 no deposit join bonus to make profits of it to USD265.

Image 1

Image 3

So now i will just have to wait for the next 2 – 3 business days to see whether they will actually allow me to withdraw the profits from the winning trades as i have met all the minimum requirements to withdrawing profits from bonus credit given by them.

Stay tune!


*** Update 18 June 2015 ***

Gues what, Plus500 actually processed my profit earnings to my paypal account (SGD200). And yes, they processed it well within the 2-3 business day too. Which seems convincing. Lets see if they will process my next payment request. Will keep this posted. Below is the screenshot of the payment received from Plus500. I hope they will keep this up.

Paid 18 June - 2

Paid 18 June





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