Currency War – is there money to be made?

For a couple of weeks now, i have got myself back into trading forex. Sitting at home, doing nothing, been reading the news, especially on business and economics, i was like well what the hell, lets get my ass back into trading.

If you notice, i have stop blogging about the crappy shit that is happening in Singapore’s politics. Just not worth the attention really. I stop reading about what is there to read altogether. Why, simple. PAPpies will rule for the next 100 years for that matter. Look at the policies, the companies they owned, Singapore is ruled by an empire – if you havent realized that. So screw that. Until Singapore faces economic disaster (like Greece), nothing will ever change in the politic world in Singapore, barely noises – trust me.

So back to where i was about to share. So yeah, i started logging in into my Etoro account, also surveyed a couple of other brokers around including Oanda, XM and FXopen, downloaded Metatrader and get myself busy looking at charts, past market data and news logs on Bloomberg. If it’s any worth mentioning, i started powering up a couple of laptops because most of the time i would multi task during trading hours.

That is how the new set-up looks like:

2015-02-24 00.44.02

I have made quite a bit of losses at early stages of my trading months. I am known not to have appetite for high risk. Trading USD/CHF was awesome at first then i started losing the profits and finally wiped out my intial capital of USD200. I realized what was going with USD/CHF, i started looking at AUD/USD instead. Started a fresh new USD200 deposited to my Etoro account and a mere USD5 to my FXopen account from the balance i got in Payza account that i earned from website ads.

I started regulating my hours fixed on Bloomberg news, look out for data, check on others technical analysis and of course, a big check on my risk appetite. Results? See for yourself.

This is end of April (ending May 2nd market closing):

Etoro Vs FXopen

Image 3

Image 2

Was i happy with the results? Hell yeah i do. That was a lot of patience, a lot of monitoring of news / data and looking at a couple of charts. Yes, what the hell is USD200 and USD5 investments – peanuts. But this proof to me that my current strategy is working fine for me, if you can’t turn USD5 or USD200 into a larger amount, then forget about trading all together. Was able to recover my losses for the past weeks in less than 48hours, hedging a few positions and being patient. I was careful too, not to get too carried away with some of my positions, closing some positions and accepting some losses and not floating profits too much.

Trading just ended 2 hours ago at the point of time i am writing this. I look forward to share many of my trade stories in the future both losses and gains. And to whoever who is telling me that Forex is gambling, here is news for you – what is life without a little gamble heh? And also, there is grey line between gambling, forex and predictions. If you do not have strategy and risk assesments then forex is a gamble for you. But if you did your homework before taking any position in trade, then that is prediction.

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Well till next week when i share you my trade story again. Good luck and see you in the chatroom.

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