Submitting your site to Baidu – English Guide


It can get pretty competitive out there trying to get your site to be indexed and appear in search. Going on extra miles to make sure your site is index on every search engine on the planet is what most people are doing now. Other than the well known search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing – Russia’s top search engine Yandex and China’s top search engine is Baidu. This are the local search engine that their locals use more than the internation big three search engine. While Yandex webmaster tools is relatively easy to understand because it is available in English, China’s Baidu webmaster tools is only in Mandarin.

Thanks to post on how to submit to Baidu, those who are relatively targeting China audience can now try and submit their site to search engine.

I have tried out and my connection is from Singapore Starhub Internet Provider. I must warn you, you need a lot of patience. The loading is very sluggish and you ending up having to refresh multiple times – well at least that is what is happening for me. I didn’t had that experience with Yandex. It could be possibly because of China’s great firewall that is slowing down international traffic to reach within.

I have attached the Baidu-Webmaster-Tools-Guide-in-English PDF copy from Have a look and good luck!



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