Why can’t Singapore get enough of internet public shame?


Is Singapore’s internet shaming the social media version of public caning? People are snapping photos of what they see as bad behaviour and uploading those images to popular “citizen journalism” websites. Some claim the trend is leading to harassment and increased xenophobia. And now thousands of netizens are calling for the end of online shaming. Others say it’s simply free speech. Join the conversation Monday at 1930 GMT.

In this episode, we speak to:

Anita Kapoor @AnitaKapoor
Media personality

Justin Fong @sg_crisis_guru
Social media consultant

Nazry Bahrawi @nazwry
Lecturer, Singapore University of Technology & Design

Oliver Woods @oiwoods
Former resident of Singapore

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Singapore’s notorious “citizen journalism site” STOMP is suffering public backlash as many users are calling for it to be shutdown. Netizens say the website run by the state-owned Singapore Press Holdings picks up insensitive and false articles “at the expense of other citizens” as well as promoting public shaming. Stories like the one below, raised questions of STOMP’s credibility and its purpose.


  1. The petition “Close down STOMP” on Change.org has accumulated more than 22,500 signatures thus far in a short time.

    It’s not journalism when facts are not researched rigorously with impartial intent, and clear prejudice is consistently shown against various groups. STOMP is quickly degenerating into a platform for slander, cyberbullying and public shaming for no reason whatsoever other than the self-righteous hysteria of cowardly keyboard warriors. The moderators don’t seem to care much for moderating, perhaps because unnecessary sensationalism always makes for better ratings. Please have some self-respect for your establishment and don’t continue fuelling this burning building of a website. Either investigate and publish your submissions carefully with the well-being of citizens and civil discussion in mind, or stop this misleading demented nonsense you call journalism altogether. Good day.
    1. With one of the highest internet access rates in Southeast Asia with a penetration rate of 73 per cent, cyber bullying in Singapore goes beyond STOMP. Many use their own accounts sometimes to post images of what some say is online shaming.
    2. Miss Universe Singapore 2013 finalist Jesslyn Tan laugh at uncle clothes got holes. Uncle’s daughter is very upset that her father is being insulted by Jesslyn Tan and wrote her comment at Jesslyn Tan’s Facebook. What do you think? Source: SG Share
    3. So this bugger took 3 seats to sleep #stompsg
    4. “Look at the puddle of liquid on the floor? They let the kid peep on the floor. Clementi swimming pool, didn’t bother I clean up too. Doesn’t look local. They shift table away pretend nothin happened…”
    5. A few questioned whether uploading these types of media is in the public good.
      There are also concerns cyber bullying is fueling xenophobia. A British businessman fled Singapore in January after his Facebook comments mocking the poor caused an uproar. In his speech at Nanyang Technological University, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urged Singaporeans to deal with issues in a civil manner and avoid a mob-like mentality.
      Source: Al Jazeera



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