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Its been awhile since i share some of the ad networks that i use to earn from all the contents that i post online. Today i would like to share an ad network that provides interstitials ads and shorten the links that you share. I have used quite a number of similar networks such as Adf.ly, Adfoc.us, Blv.me, CoinUrl, however Linkbucks seems to be the only ad network among its competitors that gives higher rates, consistent ad fillings and consistent payment (processed almost immediately with Paypal withdrawals).

Best adf.ly alternative

I must say that i am very satisfied user as publisher at Linkbucks. They have the right set of tools, consistent network and always listen to their community of users when it comes to suggestions and getting feedbacks at Linkbucks. There is no other better alternatives from Linkbucks so far. And to those using ADF.LY, Linkbucks is the best adf.ly alternative


Above is the screenshot of my recent withdrawals at Linkbucks via Paypal. My blog has always been like my online notepad / knowledge base that i share with others on the internet. And getting to earn from it, who wouldn’t want. So here is the link, go sign up and get your free account set up. Yes, you do not need to pay anything to use the tools at Linkbucks. Do share with your fellow friends who runs a blog, shares link on forums, etc.



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