Bypass all blocked site using a simple browser extension / plugin – Hola

hola hola bypass

With Singapore MDA soon to block a bigger list of sites that infringe copyright which includes torrent sites such as PirateBay and the fact that we already knew the big list of porn sites that it already blocked which includes Pornhub, it is good to know alternatives are now much easier to get and its “freemium”. Also not to mention that with this cool tool, you can bypass geographical blocks from streaming websites such as Hulu, Netflix, Fox US or any other even if you are accessing it from Singapore.

It works like VPN, tunneling your connection to another geographical location allowing you to access that content through the location. However, Hola (the tool i am referring), has a slight twist. Hola uses peer to peer technology to tunnel your connection to another computer of that geographical location of your choice, yes its free access. There is also “free premium“, Hola would enable your access to their premium VPN servers, usually these servers are at much faster speeds.

You can get Hola free premium access once you sign up here. You can also upgrade your account for the premium access at just USD5/month.


hola premium

hola bypass cbs

hola bypass cbs 01

One cool thing about Hola, it only tunnels that specific browser where you turned it on. It does not interfere with your entire connection on your laptop which means the rest of your application will still be on normal connection. Definitely handy plugin to have and it works on wider platform as compared to “Go Away MDA” plugin from GetGom.

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