Philippines Named as One of the Most Racist Countries in the World


This was a recent study by World Values, Sweden based economist that was published in The Washington Post where some readers have disputed the accuracy and relevance of the result shown in the map.

Interesting enough,, a community blog based in Manila, ran an article about the topic. Visit their site to view some of the responses from the Filipino community, some acknowledging how judgemental they can be to other races while some dispute the fact that they are not racist.

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I just truly find them in identity crisis, much like what we had here in Singapore where people had diversed split views about being xenophobic, FTs and racial / religious harmony – though we a much smaller nation, having lived in very close promixity, having to deal with it and having a better result than our counterparts in the region.

Maybe that is why they are trying so hard to promote “Philippines Independence Day” in Singapore, posting iconic landscape and structures in their posters and to choose a place where it is a tourist spot, iconic spot for most Singaporeans – Orchard Road. Though, as i stated in my previous article, it is provocative to celebrate it openly. No one would have mind if they have been much more discreet celebrating it in a park or their embassy. Showing off their “pinoy pride” in foreign soil is not helping them build a better image to successfully integrate with the locals.

Seriously, i still find most of my pinoy friends are accomodating, friendly by nature though only formally. However, the attempt to show off their “pinoy pride” in public have really brought the whole community down – total epic fail for integration. Seriously, my personal opinion of integration is -> you know our culture, our food, our history, our people then in return we might, just might welcome yours, after all which host nation wants to lose their national identity against foreign influx right? Bottomline, you are in our homeland. We are the breeds from the past generations that lived and died in this small island, our pride matters more than yours. It is our pride not to see your flag being raise high and celebrated openly in the public in the name of their nation’s independence day.

And, NO, i am not racist :).


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