Singtel Will Soon Charge For All That Whatsapp Use?

singtel whatsapp

At the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, SingTel chief executive Sock Koong Chua has urged regulators to give carriers like Optus the right to charge rivals such as WhatsApp and Skype for use of their networks or risk a major decline in network investment.

Time to ‘boycott’ Singtel and stay away such “anti-competition” moves by such greedy organization? Singtel should have revolve and re-innovate themselves instead of making such anti-competition move. Do not support such culture from such organization. Stop buying Singtel already!

People in HWZ are openly angry with her inputs as well. To make such big corporation realize they are wrong, is just not to use them and stay away from them especially when we have alternatives like Starhub or M1 around.


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