Molest In #SMRT Trains Recently – What the hell wrong with you people?!

Video on Feb 9

– Molester’s face captured on 0:05 second.
– Molester began molesting his victim 1 min 30 seconds onward. Observe carefully.


Written by a user: Ester Ling


The molester was molesting me when i decide to film him, as telling the police that a young boy in school uniform molested me will be a bit hard to justify. Even i can not believe what he have done……

He chase after me, asking why i took his pics. Even wanted to pick up fight? And i ask the control station guys for help. They detain him and we view this video again to confirm what have happened. Police was called. They took him to the police station.

Worst night mare, he have molested 2 other woman on a bus months ago. They caught him, police was called, but let him off as they do not have any evidences.
This guy is the worst night mare a woman can have. He was only 15 years old, secondary 2-3 student in ang mo kio area. when that happens….

Never judge a book by it’s cover. Always take a video recording of molest, as getting the case to court without evidences is going to be very hard.

Credits: Ester Ling

And the latest update from another blog (rilek1corner):

Youth Molester in MRT identified as ‘BoiBoi’

Rilek1Corner received a tip-off from a reader regarding the youth molester caught on video camera which was taken by the victim herself. The incident  happened in the MRT train last year. The reader who wants to be known as ‘Miss Sixty’ happens to be in the same ITE as the youth molester. Miss Sixty shared that the molester has a Facebook account ‘Lim Boon Loong aka Boi Boi‘ (Deleted)

Miss Sixty also informed Rilek1Corner that BoiBoi now has a girlfriend (whose name and photo I shall not reveal).

Credits: Rilek1Corner


Video on Feb 17

– Indian old man molest girl in her 20s


So ladies out there, do not sit still. Sound off or ask for help.

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