Commendable: URA & NEA response to noise level of a construction site near my house

I must say that i did not expect a prompt reply when i first sent an email asking URA about the  legal working hours of a construction site on Saturdays. Well guess what, URA did reply promptly and even forwarded my email to the right party who should be answering – which is the NEA. I mean, who knows who to email and it just came to the closes common sense that buildings coming up, that’s got to be Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), apparently i was wrong and it was the National Environment Agency (NEA) instead.

So here goes intial reply from URA:

Feedback Received Date : 15/02/2014

Dear Mr Haas

Thank you for your email.

As construction work noise and timing is regulated by the service agency – the National Environment Agency (NEA), we are forwarding your feedback to them for their assistance and response. For future feedback on similar matter, you may send in your feedback to them at their email address: or call them at tel no 1800 2255 632.

Yours sincerely

Record Management Unit
Corporate Services Department
Urban Redevelopment Authority

Urban Redevelopment Authority § Corporate Services Department § Privileged/Confidential information may be contained in this message. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not copy, distribute or use it for any purpose, nor disclose its contents to any other person. Please notify the sender immediately if you receive this in error § Check out our website at


Well after reading that email, i decided to just brush it off and get out of the house instead. But instead someone replied today, though it has been days, it is commendable.


Dear Mr Haas,


Please refer to your feedback on noise at the above construction site which was forwarded by URA to us on 17 Feb 2014.


We are sorry to learn of your unpleasant experiences on noise from the construction activities at the above site.


The National Environment Agency (NEA) controls construction noise using a set of maximum permissible noise limits stipulated under the Environmental Protection and Management (Control of Noise at Construction Sites) Regulations. Stricter noise limits are imposed at night, on Sundays and Public Holidays, and for construction sites near to hospitals, schools and residential premises. All construction companies are required to take noise abatement measures and manage their works to comply with the noise limits at all times.


In addition, as the above work site had started work after 1 Sep 2011, the contractor is aware that no construction activities are allowed to be carried out from 10.00 pm on Saturdays till 7.00 am on the following Mondays; as well as from 10.00 pm on the eve of Public Holidays till 7.00 am on the day following the Public Holidays. Other than the prohibited working hours, the contractor is allowed to carry out work continuously. However, They are required to ensure that the noise levels generated should be within the permissible noise limits at all times.


You may wish to visit NEA’s website: for more information on noise control at a construction site.


As required by NEA, the contractor had installed real-time noise monitoring meter at the site, to continuously measure and record the noise levels generated from the construction work. Our monitoring has showed that the noise levels have been within permissible limits during you feedback.


Notwithstanding the above, we have reminded the contractor to be more considerate to nearby residents and put in measures to minimise the noise generated from the construction work, especially when carrying out works at night and during Saturdays. NEA will continue to monitor the site and will take enforcement actions against the contractor should they carry out work that generate noise levels exceeding the permissible noise limit or should they fail to comply with the rules on restriction working hours.


Please call our NEA 24 hrs hotline at 1800-CALL NEA (1800-2255 632) when you encounter loud noise at night or contractor found working during the restricted hours so that our officers can carry out site investigation to gather the evidences for enforcement action.


Thank you for your feedback.


Best Regards




Well, to the construction companies who only thinks about your project datelines and your big bucks pumping in without adhering the regulations, i now have the proper channel to send my “feedbacks” to. Oh maybe i should be getting a freaking noise meter too heh? or is there an official app by NEA for android phones – i wonder.



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