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Firstly, i must emphasize, how fucked up are most Singaporean taxi drivers – not all but most of them. Try hailing a cab during peak hours, or calling for one, you will never get it. Where were they? Parking at the side roads or some deserted lanes waiting for that peak charges to kick in or when they feel like it or when the road is less congested. Bottom line, you taxi drivers are bunch of “COMPLAIN KINGS” and choosy buggers. If Uber starts to offer SGD30 rides from town or to town area, i will jolly well switch my rides to UBER already.

Why i say most of you taxi drivers are fucked up? Here is my observations …

I would take cab at least twice a week to work. On Mondays especially, at 8.30am, despite seeing empty cabs, you either do not stop or somewhat has to change shift. I mean seriously! Do you have to change shift at those peak period dammit?! Secondly, calling a cab on Mondays would be terrible. If you use the taxi app, try putting your destination to town area then you will most likely get a cab. So bottom line, you cab drivers choose to be choosy and yet you complain so much?!

Not to mention those peak Fridays and Saturdays when people are queuing up and you chose to come up with thousand of reasons saying having to change shift, need to pick up another advance booking customer, etc. Oh yeah, you decided to deny picking up tipsy / drunk men but you will surely pick up a tipsy / drunk women (guys if you have gal friends, make them do the hailing of the cabs instead while you go hide one corner okay?). Need i to list more?


Your take home pay is already above poverty … be grateful and deal with it!

Come on, seriously. In general, taxi drivers take home is at the average of SGD2000 to SGD4000 after paying all your overheads such as rental and patrol. What more would you want to ask for as a god damn taxi driver?! You are in fact taking home more than some of the technology workers such as those working late night shifts in datacenter! You are already taking home more than most of the stall owners i knew after they pay their overheads. And dammit, these guys worked almost equivalent hours you do! Deal with your finances man! I see taxi drivers parking at Peace Centre and having a good quick fun at KTVs – with that kind of lifestyle, of course no amount would be enough in the end. If you want to have the money to ‘throw’ at KTV women, then be a pimp or something. I bet if the taxi drivers took up the ‘$5 dollar a day’ challenge, they will learn how to be more appreciative of their current earnings!

And come on, if you worry so much about your future, go learn about stocks and forex rather than betting it away on TOTO and 4D. And i did say ‘extra’ money. Nowadays, you can start off with just SGD100 to get into those stuff and it is no longer the market of the ‘big boys’ who puts in thousands of dollars. If you are old and single, go an adopt a kid or something and cross your fingers that they will in return give you the gratitudes and take care of you (typical asian thinking). I dunno man, deal with your life, accept your consequences and stop complaining so much! And stop blaming shits on FTs already, i am god damned glad that my boss is an FT where i have learnt to open up and able to take up new challenges and not stagnates! My life working for local bosses is over because all they worry about is bigger margin of profits everyday and less care about anything else if you are his employee.

Good Luck Complaining Fuckers!

Sign off – true blue NATIVE Singaporean Melayu.

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