Xen Server – Guest machine halted / hanged on reboot

Happened to me when i update Ubuntu kernel and did a reboot to the guest / vm. Basically it didnt start and was halted. Had no access using Xen Center, with the error message below.

…. xen Unix.Unix_error(63, “connect”, “”)

So basically log in into xen console / ssh. Just do


This method should also work for the following error messages from your xen console:

Error Connection refused (calling connect )
Error Failed to find a valid default SR for the Pool. Please provide an sr-name-label or sr-uuid parameter.
xe pool-param-set uuid=<tab> default-SR=<tab>
The SR operation cannot be performed because a device underlying the SR is in use by the host.
In my case a vgremove of the unwanted VG was enougth.




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