What sort of Singapore you want to live in? Today I Start A New Hashtag #SG2016

I am a regular Singaporean. I believe that i am a reasonable person. Before i rant, i would usually reflect, read, reconsider facts. But today, a news report on the government stance on hijab or “tudung” issue that has been raised by the malay muslim community – the response from the Prime Minister Lee has fetch much disappointment.

Today, i shall start a new hashtag, #SG2016 , which will help me and hopefully many others who would be using the hashtag to remind ourselves what sort of Singapore do we want to live in. It is just not a matter of hijab so far, matters like “MDA Licensing Schemes“, the “Whitepaper on Population” and many more, i would like to make the hashtag #2016 a reminder of why i needed the change, hopefully it will be a great use for many others too.

As you would notice, i have stopped writing much about what is happening in socio-politics arena in Singapore in my blog. I just felt tired, pointless to do so at this moment and the only thing that would push and make a difference is your decisions and actions. Therefore, #SG2016 is something to inspire, remind and look forward to – a change, a new balance, a more vibrant and responsible society. A society that truly believe in our National Anthem and National Pledge.

For those who believe in that change we all seeking for, do share this article, do share these thoughts on #SG2016 . It would be my greatest birthday gift, 8 January 2017 (next parliamentary general election must be held by 8 January 2017), if this change is realized. Wiki Singapore General Election 2016.



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