Rooting and Update ROM / Firmware Cube Mini U30GT


I will create mirrors for those who are keen to get the necessary files from the instructions below. Just comment on this post. Cheers

This is my 1.1 ROM for the Cube U30GT mini. This is based on the latest cube1.3 ROM (U30GT-MINI_V1.03_20120823) and has the metro UI.

  • Rooted
  • bloat removed
  • English
  • market/play fix for more apps *
  • busybox integration
  • init.d support
  • Clockwork Recovery by FinlessBob
  • 2 gig space for apps

* Note for the market fix I’ve not changed build prop to spoof another device. If you want to do this it’s easy either by editing build.prop by hand or using one of the editors available on google play.*

here’s the download, please read and follow the readme*

ROM -> U9GT M (212 megs)


  1. Remove sdcard before flashing otherwise it may get re formatted
  2. Unzip
  3. open the “U30GT-MINI_V1.03_20120823_900supersport1.0” folder. I’ve named this based on the name cube gave to the source image, if you don’t like it you can rename.
  4. Connect the cube
  5. Double click the ROM Flash Tool
  6. start the cube in flash mode (hold vol+ and power for 3 to 4 seconds then release power then volume)
  7. If you do not have drivers already installed they are included with the rom kit in the drivers folder
  8. Once drivers installed the flash tool should see your cubeand update the status at the bottom
  9. Click the [Erase NAND (IDB)]button, you should see progress recorded on the right up to 4096
  10. Once complete click Flash ROM, again follow progress until done

The cube should now restart, it will pause on the peas screen for a while as filesystems are formatted mounted and initialised

At the clockwork screen press the power button to restart (if you go on to use clockwork the volume + and – buttons scroll up and down and power is select)

The Cube should now reboot showing my boot animation and then start up in English.

All feedback appreciated



  • my thanks to the team here for providing the best technical info on the net on cooking ROMs
  • I cant be doing with the metro interface so first thing I do after flashing is to install GoLauncher
  • SnakeKiller has been doing a little theming, i should have a cluckwork update to make a few changes to the theme

PPS I’ve just added the following post to the clockwork dem thread with 4 of snakekillers apks to theme the UI.…ll=1#post26420

Here’s a stock ICS launcher in cwm update form download to the sdcard, boot to recovery and install.

Stock launcher (8 meg)

Just added a post with a fix for the dictionary not working properly see

Dictionary Fix

for download and instructions.



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