The World Is Coming To An End – How Much Would You Believe?

I have been watching hair raising and very disturbing videos (that was being shared on Facebook). Yes this may all just drill down to what you believe and your beliefs. Something in common though, it is seems that the Christians and Islam believers agrees that these are biblical / Qur’an signs of the “end of days”. Some are documentary and compilations of them trying to explain what is happening around the world is something never seen before, can’t be explain through science. The eruption of 4 volcanos at the same time, humming sound from the sky (apocalyptic trumpet / sangkakala), asteroids, etc. Well, here are some of the videos, yourself to judge.




Humming sound from the sky in Singapore (below is recorded at Tampines area between  5:45Pm-7pm on 25 November 2013)




The Earth Humming Sound – Wiki / LiveScience.Com

The washing up of sea monsters in California which happened 3 times. The finding of a giant worm in Vietnam recently. A lot had happened in 2012 and its alarming, most gone unexplainable.


Someone blogged about the humming sound back in Feb 2012, he mentioned a scientist explains how the humming sound might have happened, all together, the scientist did mentioned that natural disasters will peak in 2013 – 2014. The scientist surely got that part right. Read more from that blog post here.

Don’t know if i can sleep tonight!



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