Out In The Cold – SG Short Film Documentary

sg poverty

It really touches the heart watching this short documentary. Knowing that some people are capable of throwing their frail old men out in the streets, reject and abandon them. I can never say the same about the spoilt brat kid as i felt he deserves it and to make him better is to get him learn to be independant, but that old man, even if he cause much troubles couldn’t the family just take it as he has done his time and the sense of family responsibility to take care one of their own? Such humanity, such morality – unspeakable!

Maybe to teach all of these ungrateful humans to learn to take care of their aging family members is to expose their identity and put them up on the wanted list until they sort after some resolution to take their aged family members off from sleeping in the streets!

sheesh … i am left speechless, angry and in disbelief.

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