Virpus VPS Review 2013


This review is base on personal experiences with Virpus Networks. In my honest opinion, Virpus has one of the most competitive price in terms of its plans – value for money. Though when you google them, you probably see a lot of complains etc – i think it is quite normal for humans to complaint than to complement. Here is the real deal, if you are look for something instantly activated upon purchase, something dirt cheap with reasonable amount of resource packed in the plan (hdd, bandwidth, ram, cpu), you are not expecting backups – Virpus is probably way to go. I wouldn’t however say that it is a good place for you store or run VERY important stuffs because when you pay something cheap, you do not expect that sort of quality. If you need quality, go to Amazon AWS etc where it is proven that big business run their stuff on those infrastructures.

When you compare the amount between a cloud based provider like Amazon AWS to a Virpus VPS instance, you will get what i meant. Nothing will go down as cheap and Virpus is probably one of those hosting companies that is not “fly by night” type. They had issues and i recalled one incident where they have over 19 nodes being wiped due to hacking and customers losing their data / access, downtime that span over more than 2 days for many. Despite Virpus being hacked that badly, they continued their services, made restoration and communicated to their customers pretty well in my opinion – by the way, i was one of the customers that lost my data due to the hack.

So yeah, from time to time, when i needed a VPS to run some test, host some temporary blogs or anything that i require generous amount of resource for a small price, i head down to Virpus. I could not complain more. Support wise, they have been consistent – they are not quick or SLA based support (and i didn’t pay or expect for any) however my tickets are mostly being respond within an hour or latest by the next day – which is all good for me.

Take a look at their Xen VPS plans below, i must say you can easily compare at LowEndBox list putting all considerations such as resources, price and instant activations, i definitely would not need to take much further. More plans available here




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