Popcash Vs PopAds – Which is the best popunder?

When comes to choosing a pop under network, a few things you might want to consider first is their rates, their ad fill rates, payment modes / frequency and the flexibility of adjusting your pop under javascripts.



PopAds allows you to adjust the frequency of your ads being shown, allows other ad networks script to be included in their javascript popup – which i think is good. However base on my 6 months experience, their fill rate is isn’t that impressive. My earnings have dip as well as a result of that. It could however be the geolocation of my vistiors which are mainly South East Asian traffics. It is good to sign up with PopAds along with another pop under network of your choice and adjust the pop up script to include the other pop network.



It appears that their fill rate have significantly improved. However Popcash does not have the features of adjusting frequency nor included other javascripts in theirs. Therefore i used Popads and PopCash, a combination that seems to work so far.





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