NewNation.SG Troll For Anonymous Bounty Reward Of SGD500

The bounty call for “The Messiah” with reward of $500 is obviously just a “troll“. Some of those who shared it on Facebook did not bother reading through the article and comments ON THE SITE before actually sharing that post via Facebook. For goodness sake, NewNation.SG slogan already tells you – “50% Real News”. Get it people? – To top that, i have a feeling that NewNation.SG would be the next target if that post gets the attention of “The Messiah” or “The Anonymous”, just like what happened to our fellow “Ah Boys To Men” cast Ridhwan Azman for his trolls.


And to feed you more news, it seems like the Anonymous are still going on hacking spree and with many of sites are still loading very slowly at this point of writing (average loading was terribly more than 2 minutes).


Also, i highly advise that you do not visit these targeted sites as it may result getting your computer possibly infected if you are not using an up to date / latest antivirus and firewall security suites. This is how most people gets infected and not realizing that they were already hacked, losing their online credentials. Cross scripting explanation here by

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Below is what NewNation.SG post and may i remind you that bounty call is just a troll:


Anyone with vital information leading to arrest will get $500 Medisave reward plus $50 deposited to CPF Ordinary account.


In a bid to hunt down the elusive The Messiah hacker asap, the Singapore government is turning to crowdsourcing for clues.

They want to arrest him in the shortest time possible and are dangling rewards to citizens with vital information.

This after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong personally said that he will catch The Messiah with his bare hands and throw him into the Singapore River.

The payoff for a tip-off includes a $500 Medisave reward plus $50 deposited to CPF Ordinary account.

A coast guard spokesperson, Lia Pai Lang, who was in charge of securing Singapore’s coastline the last time to prevent Mas Selamat from escaping, said: “I think the $500 Medisave reward is quite attractive.”

“If your family got hospitalisation, can use the Medisave to pay.”

“And if you look closely, as we suspect The Messiah is Asian, the composite police sketch shows him to have slity eyes.”



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