Jailbreak IOS 7 ?

If you planned to upgrade to IOS 7 and jailbreak it, hold your horses. There are significant number of sites claiming that they have the jailbreaking tool to download for IOS 7 which are all mostly fakes or forcibly direct you to a survey page before downloading the bogus IOS.

The devs from redsn0w confirms that they are still working on the jailbreak and currently there is no release date for that jailbreak. You can catch their updates through their Twitter and Facebook Page.




Later after the iPad event, Apple released iOS 7.0.3 to bring some fixes for lockscreen, accelerometer, motion sickness and more. We’ve informed you previously that MuscleNerd, the well known iPhone hacker, warned users to update to iOS 7.0.3 until he’s sure that it’s safe.
Today, MuscleNerd sent a tweet saying that iOS 7.0.3 won’t impact the jailbreak, which is means that it’s safe for jailbreak.

MuscleNerd: 7.0.3’s lock screen fixes won’t impact the JB (unless Apple’s holding back here, hah! http://lists.apple.com/archives/secur… )

However, if you’re on iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4, it’s better to stay on it:

iphonesteven: @MuscleNerd so is it safe to update to 7.0.3. ?

MuscleNerd: @iphonesteven If you’ve already lost the JB by upgrading to 7.x, then yep it’s fine to go from 7.0.x to 7.0.3.

There’s no specific release date for iOS 7.0.3 untethered jailbreak but as far as we know, it will be before the Christmas!

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Source: http://www.redsn0w.us/2013/10/ios-703-is-safe-for-future-untethered.html



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