Nagios Check_MK – Notification not working

Despite setting up on check_mk wato GUI, you will also need to set in Nagios and Check_MK’s cfg file to get the notification fully working.  This is for Nagios3 with check_mk 1.2p2

In ssh terminal go to -> /etc/nagios3/conf.d/check_mk_templates.cfg

Include “root” in your contactgroup

define contactgroup {
  contactgroup_name               check_mk
  alias                           check_mk dummy contact group
  members                         check_mk, root

“root” should be already defined in default installation of Nagios 3 in Ubuntu and other similar distros at /etc/nagios3/conf.d/contacts_nagios2.cfg . Otherwise define what is being stated or change accordingly to your cfg files mentioned.

After changing the cfg files just restart check_mk and nagios by running command -> cmk -R



Ensure that your mail server is working. You can verify mail server through your shell by running command -> echo “Mailbody” | mail -s “Testsubject” [email protected]


Basic Setup References:

Cheers i hope this help those having some troubles through the standard setup guides out there for Check_MK and Nagios on Ubuntu or Centos.

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