Huge Dragon Like Creature Flies Over England Skies Caught On Video


Before this, giant creatures of the sea being washed offshore in Canada, then came about the sighting of dragon flying over England.

Who ya gonna call? Saint George? This week in Truro, England a stunning video of what appears to be an enormous, multi-jointed flying dragon was filmed by shocked spectators.

Adding to the authenticity of the video are the cries and bleeped-out expletives uttered by onlookers. The wing motion of the huge creature is highly unusual, with a strange side-ways and forward motion that seems impossibly un-aero-dynamic.

Is this a hoax? A kite? No strings can be seen attached to the creature, who disappears over a rooftop. One thing for certain – seeing something like this flying towards you in the sky would have you running for cover – and wishing you had a sword handy!

Let’s hope this isn’t a new species – or an ancient fire-breathing one come back to life! ‘Dragonslayer’ might become the next hot career in England if more of these appear – what do you think?

Is this a clever trick or the real thing?

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