Giant Deep Sea Monsters Washed Offshore Of California For Third Time

Deep sea monsters are being washed offshore in California making some speculations that the area might soon be hit with a major earth quake. These giant, amazing yet scary looking sea monsters are making headlines weekly in the US. First an 18 foot long Oarfish, second came the 15 foot long Sabre tooh fish then another 13 foot long Oarfish found – all at California beach. Not to mention there was also a giant eyeball washed up on beach at Florida.

I am wondering, what could be happening or would happen next? Are these some sort of signs of climate changes that we all been taking for granted?

First – 18 foot Oarfish – California – source: CBSnews

giant sea monster california

Second Found – 15 Foot Sabre Toothed Fish – source: CNN


Third Found – 13 Foot Oarfish – source: DailyMail


Eyeball Found In Florida – source: DailyMail




Oarfish in 2009 spotted on camera



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