Troubleshooting Rtorrent – Not Starting

If you are getting

No connection to rTorrent. Check if it is really running. Check $scgi_port and $scgi_host settings in config.php and scgi_port in rTorrent configuration file


Delete /home/rtorrentuser/rtorrent/session/rtorrent.lock file.

Then either you restart rtorrent by doing /etc/init.d/autodl_(username) restart


start a new rtorrent instance (if it never got started) by doing screen -fa -d -m -S rtorrent rtorrent


cheers !

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  1. I’m using rtorrent on CentOS 6. I had this issue every time the system restart. The rtorrent.lock file wasn’t deleted after reboot, so it couldn’t start up with the system.
    Could you show me how to fix this?

        1. I see, i think the package might have some bugs. When i faced this issue it was set up semi-manually. Since then i found a better script that sets up automatically. Im running it under Ubuntu Server LTS 12.04 … and this rtorrent lock issue doesnt seem to re-appear anymore. Get the script at … let me know if you face the same problem or you can popby at my irc channel #CripperzProdigy on Freenode Irc –

          1. After removing existing rtorrent and install it using your script, I still face the same problem.
            rtorrent.lock file is not deleted when I reboot system.
            I run rtorrent as ‘rtorrent’ user.
            I think the problem is that: rtorrent.lock file is automatically created in /home/rtorrent/session/ but its permission is 444 (not writable). (So it couldn’t be deleted when rtorrent stops?)
            But I can’t figure out how to fix this because it seems the rtorrent.lock file is created by rtorrent binary.

          2. yes that could be very possible. Can you ps -axfu and compare the file permission / owner against the running rtorrent process ? That might be a clue.. another is to try running rtorrent as superuser which is not recommended but for troubleshooting purposes. Again as i mentioned i suspect that you are just having a bad packaged rtorrent … u might wanna try reinstall using the seedboxscript i mentioned earlier. I hadnt had this locked problem for awhile after using that seedboxscript on all my machines.

          3. this is the result of ps -axfu command after running rtorrent by sudo service rtorrent start:
            rtorrent 2717 0.0 0.0 118928 1140 ? Ss 13:54 0:00 SCREEN -c /dev/null -fn -dmS rtorrent rtorrent
            rtorrent 2719 1.5 0.9 385240 33344 pts/2 Ssl+ 13:54 0:00 _ rtorrent

            and the permission of the rtorrent.lock file:
            [[email protected] ~]$ ls -la /home/rtorrent/session/ | grep rtorrent.lock
            -r–r–r– 1 rtorrent rtorrent 21 May 19 13:54 rtorrent.lock

            Like I said above, I had already removed and reinstalled rtorrent using your given seedboxscript. But the problem still persists 🙁

          4. right… you should not have to start the rtorrent manually, there would already be an rtorrent instance running through the start script on boot which was being created by seedboxscript. the script is located here /etc/init.d/autodl_whateveris_your_username_during_setup

            hope that helps. delete the lock file becoz u started it manually. use the /etc/init.d/autod_username script instead to start and stop your rtorrent service.

          5. I deleted rtorrent.lock file manually and reboot to let the script start automatically. It started successfully. But it wouldn’t start in the next system reboot because the rtorrent.lock file still wasn’t deleted.

          6. did you use a pre-created username (your old username that has that manual rtorrent setup) or a new username that was create through the seedboxscript… try using a new username that was created before using the seedbox script..

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