Top Malay Music / Movie Pirate Site Shut Down by Malaysian Government


It came to my attention when i notice was no longer accessible. runs a few websites including those that allows you to download tons of movies, music and drama series. Whether its a Malay, Bollywood or Hong Kong movies / dramas / music, has it – old and latest release. Though we all know that piracy kills creativity and the entertainment industry, Malaysia have done little to allow people around the world to have access to their production. There are little known apps around that allow you get the series or latest movies on your laptop or mobile at reasonable price (such the lights of Spotify).

Such crack downs only deter but does not educate or solves the real problem. One site goes down, someone else will be running another. From news sources around, owner earns tens of thousands in ringgit per month through subscriptions and advertising spaces on his websites. Such a shame and only if the Malaysian authorities realize they can make use of popularity to turn the site into more legit platform for people to get their access on it’s enormous library of digital entertainment.

To – RIP.

The owner of an illegal content website that has been operating since 1999 has been arrested by the Malaysian Government. The suspect, owner of the website was caught at his house during a June 11 raid in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.


Dubbed Ops Skyfall, the raid team was led by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism(MDTCC) after five months of surveillance.

As part of the operation, MDTCC confiscated computers and related equipment worth some RM30,000 including:

  • 1 unit of CPU
  • 2 unit of Laptops
  • 4 unit of hardisk
  • 3 unit of broadband modem
  • 5 unit of thumdrive
  • 6 unit of memory cards
  • 3 tablets

Despite the raid, the website remains online. TheTechInsider located the server which is hosted at France. The server is also hosting the domain including two other sub domains.

The download section of used to offer thousands of music download including Malay songs, Indonesian, Singapore, Brunei, Japan, Korea, among others.

At the point of writing however, the music database at the download section of appears to have “disappeared” despite a cache copy of the page can still be found here. Attempts to download mp3 links obtained from the cached file were unsuccessful.

TheTechInsider contacted MDTCC and was told that the site will first be block in Malaysia via SKMM and the Ministry will attempt the seize the servers which are located in France. However the investigating officer were unable to provide us a time line on when this would happen.

We also discovered the domain, possibly operated by the same owner. This site is basically a torrent tracking/seeding site and currently offers more than 47,000 files, last checked. The domain is hosted in Sweden.

According to the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia chief executive officer Tan Ngiap Foo, had practically every single album of Malay artists published in Malaysia.

“We haven’t really counted how many songs are available, but you have everything from Siti Nurhaliza to P. Ramlee. We estimate that copyright holders have suffered at least RM10mil in losses over the past five years,” he said in a report on TheStar. The article can be found here[link].

TheTechInsider will be contacting MDTCC to follow the progress on the investigation.

[Download PDF]– Press Release in BM, Ops Skyfall by MDTCC



On 11 June 2013, police raided the suspects house which is located in Kelantan which led them to RM30,000 worth of ICT equipment that are used to power the whole site. According to the enforcement chief, Mohd Roslan Mahayudin, the suspect earns hundreds of thousands of Ringgit via subscriptions and advertising spaces on the website.





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