Can’t Singaporeans be more civilized like us Europeans?

trs european vs singapore

As what the title suggest, someone posted at TRS Facebook today suggesting that Singaporeans are less civilized than the Europeans which drew massive angry comments from fellow Singaporeans suggesting that he can leave the country if so.

The post came with a video recorded of a few young men having an argument which turned physically violent. Seems like the dispute happened at Liang Court’s 7-Eleven. It is unknown what caused the dispute though.

However to the fellow European who posted it on Facebook, here is my reply for you which i have also posted on that post:

[quote]Looks like it’s at Liang Court 7-11 near clarke quay. Isn’t it common to see fights even from the whites / european as well there?. No country is perfect, no human race is perfect. But your comparison just showed how shallow you are. I suggest take sometime and go read up on “one humanity”…/ to help educate you a little more. Trying to point the fingers on each other doesnt help, so lets educate.[/quote]

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