Side effect of National Service around 40 years later


Published on Oct 6, 2013

Credits to Yu Chen for filming.
One fine night, a man accidentally placed his tablet on the wrong side of the table which eventually sparked off an argument with Mr. Red ranging from NS ranking to University qualifications.
I was around.

Comment highlights.
nina beh “He look like Kim Jong Un. The great dictator is here”
yuujin7788 “chee bye dont play play. he eat salt more than u eat rice”
DarkGuitarKid “#SAFspecialunitcommandocounterterroris­tplainclothesonly”
JJW “before he punch the guy he probably die of high blood pressure”
sheldrake01 “At 0:48 lol!! S7306679D”
codzwordz “NS drive him crazy.”

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