Enough with the Miss World 2013 bashing and stop the ‘Pinoy Pride’ speech already – Donnah Pham is hotter IMHO


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Yes, let me start of with that picture, Canadian born Asian – Donnah Pham. For those who would agree with me, i think she is prettier, hotter than Miss World Philippines 2013 (honestly i havent Google her name either). Yeah some might be saying that i am trolling. Miss World Vs Small Time SuperModel from ModelMayhem.com. Well here is the thing, everyone has different opinion, different pair of eyes and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is going around on the net though is very disturbing. Come on, she won, it past, get it over with and stop all the bashing.

Yesterday, some pinoy guy filed a police report over racist comment [Link Here] made against Miss World Philippines 2013 and seriously that Indian lady (various news source clarified that she is not a Singaporean) got herself fired and probably in some serious trouble with the authority. I am not putting up names because i can’t be bothered right now, so sick of all these racial issues, you can click on the links on those highlighted text to see the source and full report / references.

Oh wait, if you are falling asleep with my lengthy post, here to pop some eye-candy pose:

I swear she is not a pornstar though. She doesn’t do nude shoots either – in case some perverts is perv enough to fly to Canada just to get nude shots of her. So back to what i am going to say.


That is one stupid racist comment, most shallow ever and she definitely got what she deserved. But on the other hand, STOP all the ‘pinoy pride’ comments / brags here in Singapore. Who cares how many times Philippines won beauty contest.

This whole Miss World thingy is partially socio-political moves to pressure your country to fix your own backyard with that ever rising corruptions, sex tourism, child prostitutions, poverty and not to mention the latest one, animal “crush videos” for sexual gratifications. http://blog.cripperz.sg/2013/10/05/3-filipina-crush-video-is-actually-part-of-online-moneymaking-schemes/

Trust me, China Chinese would receive the same bashing from Singaporean netizens if they start to talk about how great is China, so goes to the Indians and Malays or any other freaking race / nationality talking about how great your origin. I think if you learn the history of Singapore, we are all migrants (except for the orang laut / orang asli) and we integrate. So it is time if you pinoys would like to see improvements, integrate than to brag all that pinoy pride. If you are confused with the word integrate from a Govt ad and to what i am saying, i am saying – Go learn some Singlish, order kopi the kopitiam style, prata and curry for breakfast, etc. You know that sort of little2 things goes a long way :).

One example of ‘Pinoy Pride’ gone berserk below -_-

pinoypride 001 pinoypride 002

Yes, that is just one example of the ‘Pinoy Pride‘ in one site (the above was from TRS), look the ones below

pinoypride 004

Let me give you a slight idea of ‘Pinoy Pride’ context taken out from this website – http://getrealphilippines.com/blog/2013/07/pinoy-pride-sucks/

Pinoy Pride seems to be the belief that Filipinos are a special people from the rest of the world, and thus deserve special respect. For example, they insist that no one has the right to make Pinoys the butt of jokes. And if Pinoys are not given this special respect, they were “cheated,” “insulted” or “oppressed.” Pinoys love to imagine that they are “oppressed” people in the world. But when they do things like post pictures of themselves wearing their employer’s clothes without permission (the maid in Singapore), slap a helpless Alzheimer’s patient (Jonathan Aquino case), steal from a US children’s cancer fund (Rene Ballenas pleaded guilty to larceny), make a loan in the U.S. then run home to avoid paying it, murder a famous fashion designer (Andrew Cunanan killing Gianni Versace), complain about someone else’s name (the Filipino complaining about someone being named Kiki in Australia) or be on the defensive after the botched Manila Hostage Crisis, you know they are far from “oppressed” or “deserving pride.” It’s more like they need therapy. If only there was a psychiatric treatment called Ego Therapy.

So here is the real thing, Miss World contest is rather a socio-political thing. Look at who won last year (Miss World China 2012) and why? – Go Google China between 2011 to 2012 on it’s political shifts. So what is to expect in 2013 political shift in Philippines? Yahoo.com.ph is probably one of the best ground to get a feel of what is really going on there, just screenshot some of it below:

pinoypride 005

So are you getting the picture now? There are ever more pressing issues with Philippines back in their country that i must say all these bashing of Miss World 2013 and all the ‘Pinoy Pride’ are rather unnecessary. Philippines has more than one quarter of its population living below average and poverty,  which leads to a lot more spirals of problems such as corrupt officials, human trafficking (including child trafficking), prostitution, etc. Not to mention, they are very well known for being one of the popular sex tourism country in Asia. Listed some of the recent video documentary on those topics of Philippines. We all know such plagues leads to wider social issues and yes it is still happening openly in Philippines …





Some covered documentary on “Filipina Released From Shackles” stored here

So people, stop getting so worked up. Stop that bashing, stop that ‘Pinoy Pride’ and pay attention to the real world problems. I recommend to most of you out there to head down and read the first page of http://www.onehumanity.org/

Last but not least, here is the last picture of the day and video of Donnah Pham 🙂 – cheers!



Donna Pham Officials:





and morale of the story, go visit http://www.onehumanity.org/




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