“I Quit” Girl Receives “We Are Hiring” Video Reply From Ex-Boss

Remember Marina Shifrin who created the epic “I Quit” video prior to leaving her job instead of resignation letter. Her ex-employer now create an epic troll video titled “We are Hiring” which has also became viral. With Marina’s video at 13 million hits and counting, her ex-boss video is at 3 million and trailing. Just epic! She also writes about it and you might find some clues why she quits, read it at her blog post.

Marina’s “I Quit” video below:


Ex-Employer (Next Media Animation) “We are hiring” video below:


And i guess Marina won’t be out of job for too long. She recently receives a job offer on live TV at Queen Latifah’s talk show. And probably by this time, her ex-boss would have received tons of application with that 3 million views.


If you notice, Marina did not indicate where she work or the name of the company she is working for. She did not also quote her boss name in her original video. So when New Media Animation (NMA) created that video and quoting Marina’s name, that really backfired NMA a lot. There was a lot of angry comments on NMA Youtube channel calling the company being copycats, etc. I guess the boss got what he always asked for, quantity and not quality heh?

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