Very sick cat abuser. People please be warned.


Happened in Edgefield Plains, Punggol. Cat feeders and owners, please watch out!

[quote]I was informed by a friend who worked at a vet that a customer came in with a dying Tabby Cat together with the below letter.The owner told my friend that their cat went missing for 3-4weeks and was later found at the doorstep inside a plastic bag together with the letter.In the letter, it was mentioned that the cat was kidnapped and tortured extensively. The abuser even went as far as to describe the details of the torture.The cat is now in its last moment and may leave this world anytime.

I do not know if the owner will lodge a report but I hope this pyscho get apprehended and face the highest degree of punishment there is in this world.There are a lot of cases of cat abuse in Singapore itself and till today, very few has been caught. Cats are being cut apart, thrown from buildings and even beheaded.I do not understand what kind of sick minded people who do such a thing to another living thing let alone a helpless animal.

Please share this post to all your family and friends. I hope someone who has any information to this case will step up and inform the authorities if you know who the culprit is.To that sick minded person, I hope you get help soon, really, help yourself before you actually kill someone you *******.

“Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.”*― Milan Kundera[/quote]

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